Metal Gear Rising: Revengeancetributionalisation

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  1. Thank you. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was super boring but it seemed that you spent 50% of the time shooting aliens in a very generic seeming way and 50% wandering about cities trying to understand the incomprehensible maps. I kept thinking I should stop the reapers and was wondering why I should bother with all the side quest guff at all.
  2. I'm sorry it didn't have baysplosions and danger music to hold your attention.
  3. My favourite bit of Mass Effect was all the conversing and exploring of cities. It really made it a more immersive experience in my opinion and helped give a lot of background to the current situation in the game.
  4. it seems like they are trying to make this game look horrible

    they're releasing a series of these types of shorts.
  6. In retrospect, LOL.
  7. Some candid interviews with folks at Kojima Productions and Platinum Games about how the game was shit canned then handed off to the dev team responsible for Beyonetta.

    I typically hate hack and slashers but I like Metal Gear, I like the idea of being able to "cut anything" and slice enemies into little bits and huge epic Metal Gear Ray boss battles so even though I expect this to be crap I'm still buying it.
  8. Matt and Adam from Machinima give their thoughts on the tutorial segment they were allowed to play.

    As I've said before I don't like hack and slashers in general but I do love MGS. Even if the game is crappy there's still more MGS story which can only be a good thing in my book. I'm actually really looking forward to this game now. I've been playing a lot of slow games recently like Fallout, Bioshock, and Skyrim. I need another fast paced balls to the wall straight up action game, like Burnout Paradise, that game was amazing.
  9. You need to have a certain sense of humor to fully appreciate games from Platinum. I had a great time with Vanquish, but not everyone got their incredibly over the top campiness. If you just watched a cut scene from Vanquish, you might think it has to be one of the worst games ever, but it was intentionally campy and was actually quite a bit of fun to play.

    I'm not sure how Platinum's style with fit together with Kojima, however.
  10. A new trailer and a release date. God damned February next year.
  11. all the more time to ridicule the name.
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  14. I think I'll just call it revengeance. The word is so stupid I'm beginning to like it.
  15. I can see this game failing, but people will buy it in droves because of the Metal Gear in the title. I will stick to the new Devil May Cry for my hack and Slash needs.
  16. Revengeance is almost here.

  17. Looks like an Uncharted style button masher to me. I shall pass.
  18. Isn't every console game a button masher?
  19. Combat androids should be driving a cooler car than that...and not driving it through Denver.
  20. I'm not a huge fan of hack and slashers but this looks like balls to the wall carnage fun to me. Plus I think you can stick Metal Gear at the beginning of anything and I'll buy it, it's probably my favourite game universe. I love the story.