Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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  1. It would appear that a new MGS was shown off at PAX.

    Never played 4 so no idea what is going on in this debut trailer or why Freddie Krueger seems to be in it.

    The last minute or so looks like gameplay footage and the graphics are pretty good, the rain looks fantastic.
  2. I've seen another version of that with quite a bit more gameplay at the end. It really looks spectacular. I'm very curious to know if there is a PC version how high they go with the settings.
  3. That game demo was actually run on a PC at PAX. Konami said the PS3 and X360 would look comparable.
  4. Looks good. Why can't they just call it MGS5 though? I hate it when games developers stop putting numbers at the end of their games presumably because they don't want their franchise to appear old and dated but it can get confusing. Mortal Kombat and Assassin's Creed being prime examples. You always have to specify which Mortal Kpmbat you're talking about either by saying MK9 or the new MK. And for ages I had no idea A|C Brotherhood came before AC Revelations.

    Anyway I didn't get the first half of that video. I don't know who any of the characters are. Also because they were speaking inJapanese and there are only two types of male Japanese voice (the deep smooth boss voice and loud whiny voice) they all sounded the same. If it were in English maybe we could have at least picked up some accents to get some context. Is it Solid or Naked Snake? You decide.
  5. Because it makes things more simpe, of course! Aren't you having fun playing Braid, compatible with the Ipad, on your Ipad?

    It seems to be following on from MGS Portable Ops, so it's probably Naked Snake/Big Boss.

    And a nice little tip of the hat with the "age hasn't slowed you down one bit" line.
  6. If it were in English I'd be able to tell if it was otacon who said that, I'm guessing it isn't. Kojima did say he wanted to focus on the cobra unit which is naked's time period so maybe this is that, if you see what I mean.

    And it was Bastion, not braid. Still waiting for my e-receipt from iTunes do I can be refunded for that.
  7. You do know this is just a tech demo to show off the new Fox engine, Arma? The title will be different later on down the line.
  8. Oh really?

    Seriously though someone needs to rename this thread Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. I'm super excited for a new MGS game. I really need to crack on and play Peace Walker. I've had it for a year now and barely touched it and MGS 5 is basically a follow up to that game, or rather an extension of that time line.

    Here's the extended director's cut trailer.

    Awesomesauce. But let it be known I am not happy that David Hayter wasn't approached to reprise his role as the legendary Snake. Instead they for some totally unknown reason got Keifer Sutherland to do the voice and facial acting. Why change one of the most iconing voices in gaming? David Hayter IS Metal Gear Solid and a little piece of Snake has died with him not being involved. The game will still be fantastic, but every time he talks I'll die a little inside.
  9. It's not really unknown considering the reason given was in your post. They felt more comfortable about doing the facial/ motion capture stuff with Sutherland. Kojima said that he wants to rely more heavily on facial expressions and less on spoken dialogue than in previous MGS games.
  10. Done.
  11. There was also the excuse that this is Big Boss aka Naked Snake, not Solid Snake. Yes, Hayter has done his voice in MGS3 and the portable games but apparently because he is older now his voice is different. The prelude (Groud Zeroes) is set right after Peace Walker, but The Phantom Pain is set in '84, 10 years after Peace Walker. It would be odd if we were to just expect his voice to change suddenly at some point as Big Boss had a different voice actor to Solid Snake in MGS4 for both English and Japanese.

    The problem with this explanation is that the same actor who does the Japanese Voice for Snake is still voicing Naked Snake in MGS5.
  12. Both Gamespot and IGN have given this 10/10, haven't bothered to look elsewhere.
  13. Might get this at launch
  14. It's a must have day one buy!
  15. And nobody linked a trailer... fuck you guys.

    I'll probably watch a Day 1 play-through on Youtube. Maybe LarpingHarpDerp will do a video... his last video was a 10 minute ballad declaring his love for solid snake. Was sporting a fruity pixie cut too for some reason.
  16. I still have no fucking clue what's going on in the metal gear games. I'm in no hurry to get this but I did really enjoy 4 so will get it when it's cheap.
  17. It's a little disappointing that the story has been cut down so much. And Snake apparently doesn't talk much. Feels like Mr 24 was a bit of a waste.
  18. Catering to the whiny new generation. MGS has always been about the story and cutscenes.
  19. The MGS games would really have benefited from strong editing from my experience. 2 had a lot of boring and overlong sequences, especially some of the Codec conversations. I remember that fucking bomb disposal twat talking for about 15 minutes. It added very little. I'm actually more interested if this game does more show and less tell.
  20. The old games were Easter egg master classes.

    In MGS3, calling sigint after eating/doing anything would result in pretty much a unique codec conversion each time.