Metal Gear Solid 5

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  1. Kojima has announced that he wants MGS5 to focus on The Boss and the Cobra Unit in WW2. Not sure if I like the sound of this but hey, it's MGS.

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  2. I think the Boss and Cobra unit stories are much more cohesive than MGS2, for example. A back to basics kinda deal.
  3. So we will be a woman for the first time ever in MGS then?
  4. Not quite, we did play as Raiden, remember...
  5. Oh yeah I forgot about that and his ken doll penis area at the end in the Arsenal.
  6. I've never understood what was going on in the MGS series. But I've only played half of 2 and all of 4. Tsk.
  7. Then you need to buy MGS: Twin Snakes on the Gamecube and then the MGS hd boxset for PS3 when it is out in February and complete in order.
  8. I've got all the MGS games, just haven't got around to playing them. Might hold back for the HD collection, shame it hadn't got twin snakes on it.
  9. The Metal Gear Solid saga is probably my favourite story ever told by a gaming franchise, it really is masterful. I was blown away by 4 because everything was tied in with the previous games and they explained so damn much. Unlike lost there are no questions left behind when MGS4 ended, it truly was a gift to the fans from Kojima. That's why I'm excited about MG Rising, even if the game turns out to play like crap at least there's the story to consider.
  10. Agreed, that would have been perfect but I think Silicon Knights hold the rights on the Twin Snakes?

    It will be mate. It will be a rubbish version of Devil May Cry with a poor story.
  11. @arma

    You're really expecting a good story out of revengeancetribution? Wow, just wow.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me, he thought the FFXIII story was epic.
  13. He also hated Mass Effect.
  14. Yeah that game sucks compared to FFXIII...
  15. I'm expecting a good story from a Metal Gear game yes. Even if the overall story isn't great it'll still be cool to get a bit of backstory on cyborg ninja Raiden.
  16. I never said Mass Effect was a worse game than FFXIII, I just didnt' enjoy it as much, just because something is good doesn't mean you like it. I know Coldplay are a good band and are talented but I don't like their music, likewise I know Dizzy Rascal's music is shit and requires little talent but I still enjoy some of his tunes. I know Mass Effect is a well made, polished title but I just don't enjoy playing it, it bores me.
  17. Monkey said you "hated" Mass Effect, so I went from there.

    Lol Coldplay are a fizzy pop band.
  18. But the game is not being done by Konami and Hideo. The game is being done by the team that did Bayonetta.
  19. True but he's the executive producer so surely how won't allow them to make a shit spin off of his franchise...
  20. Holy shit I just found this.

    It's a series of clues and vague info regarding MGS5! Kojima has been doing mo-cap work apparently and has been cited as saying "there will be a MGS5 with the new Fox Engine", he also said that it will draw influence from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. There's also something about the sloagn "Big Boss wants you!", indicating another 1960's Snake Eater/Peace Walker timeframe? I remember hearing Kojima say a while back that he wanted to do another MGS game featuring the Cobra unit from MGS3 set during WW2, maybe MGS5 is exactly that?

    This picture was posted on Konami's website with Kojima saying "Is it real or is it FOX?" obviously talking about the new FOX engine

    Bottom line, MGS5!