Metal gear Solid HD Collection

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  1. So far this is just rumours, but considering a few other PS2 titles were turned in to HD collections(God of War Prince of Persia Etc), I see this happening.

  2. It should offer the 3D content too! Suprisingly the Prince Of Persia trilogy in 3D mode turned out to be awesome! My theory behind this is because the game had very sharp edges on all objects in the game. Made everything just 'pop-out'
  3. Just imagine MGS3 in 3D, the jungle setting would be mind blowing.

    I don't see how MGS1 would look better in HD, but MGS2 and MGS3 would definitely be. A first day buy for me, especially it they come with trophy's.
  4. Either they'll keep it authentic and port the PS1 version, or they'll use the engine from the gamecube, Twin Snakes version to keep them all at roughly equal parity.
  5. I've got Metal Gear Solid off from PSN (PSX port). HD touches won't do it justice. And I doubt that the gamecube version will be ported.
  6. Well to make a HD collection it will have to be ported. More people had and were playing PS2 and Xbox back in the Gamecube days, so not everyone got to play the Twin Snakes, so this might be a way with which Konami can get people to play this better MGS1 version, and make some money of course.
  7. I love this news... if it's true. Good find.
  8. Twin Snakes was an awesome update to the original game, which sadly a lot of people missed out on. It would be nice to have all of these together in a neat package. Maybe I could finally make sense of the storyline playing them back to back.
  9. Twin Snakes was awesome, it finally added what MGS1 needed: 1st person view. In that mix was MGS2 like graphics and a few added scenes. Great game.
  10. I always wanted to play Twin Snakes but didn't have a gamecube at the time. It's a shame that the title was a bit of a spoiler. If they include it I'll be loving it even more. I remember playing MGS4 on my mates ps3 while a few of the guys watched, it was funny as I was the only one who'd played the previous instalments so every five minutes I was like "Oh that's awesome because X happened in X MGS game". That whole game was a real treat for long time fans such as myself. (SPOILER)>>
    The bit when you go back to shadow moses and Snake remembers specific bits from the first game really blew me away. That whole part of the game was literally too awesome.
  11. Indeed, and the Rex vs Ray fight was the icing on the cake for that part. Liquid ocelot faking to die from Foxdie was funny too. I expect you get the spoiler in that last sentence which people who have never played MGS1 will not get.
  12. Yeah, but the title kind of suggests that Solid and Liquid are related which was quite a big reveal if memory serves.

    The bit in the helicopter where he's dreaming about the PS1 mgs and when he wakes up, for a brief moment, his head is the MGS1 head
  14. MGS1 is one of my all time favourite games.

    I sometimes wonder how best to do the HD collection.
    I suspect the same way the did Twin Snakes on GC, they might create all new assets and textures, and run in on a newer engine.

    Well that's what i'm guessing. Brilliant game. Those who missed it back then, missed something truly special
  15. This can only be a good sign right?
  16. Konami have confirmed this in a pre E3 web conference and it will be out in November. According to the report it will include MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker. Watched that part of the video and it doesn't seem to mention MGS1.

    You can watch the whole thing here..

    There will also be a Silent Hill Collection (2 & 3) and Zone of the Enders Collection.

    EDIT: Changed link to the correct one.
  17. That first link takes you to a Dark Souls video. I'm chuffed about the MGS HD trilogy. I'd rather have Peace Walker over MGS1 since I've completed MGS1 God knows how many times but never played PW since I don't have a PSP. Good news indeed.
  18. Seems pretty dumb not to include the 1st one. I heard something about the PS3 version including a voucher to download MGS1 off the store. It's a pity they didn't include Twin Snakes really.
  19. I'm most excited about Peace Walker, which I've never played. I am also happy to see a remake of MGS3 coming.
  20. I was all excited about playing peace walker, until I saw this video. It never occurred to me that although they're making it all clear in HD niceness the graphics are totally shit, pointless making it HD then really.

    I'll play it just for the story but I have a feeling I'm not going to like it. They could have at least spruced the visuals up a bit. Disappointing.