Metal gear Solid HD Collection

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  1. I guess it doesn't measure up to gamecube punching graphics but it's not a shabby looking game.
  2. Not shabby looking? He's a walking group of rectangles!
  3. lol I thought demo videos were all played by game developers who were actually GOOD at their game?? WTF lol.

    Doesn't look that bad to me. It looks better than MGS2. Cept that one time I taped myself shooting the pigeon as the homing beacon beeped in the b/g. God I wish I had that video :3
  4. Now I know you're more Pinky and less Brain. Look how blocky Snakes limbs are in the video. Now compare that to this:

    They're worlds apart.
  5. Now, come on, armadeadn, that's not a fair comparison. Everyone knows female characters need more polys than male characters.
  6. Worlds apart is right gamecube puncher, I'm talking about the original PS2 version, not the gamecube remake. Though I might see your point, if the end product is similar... but I think the news was Konami wasn't using Silicon Knight's engine for the HD remakes.
  7. Who's mentioning Gamecube versions? MGS2 was never on Gamecube, that's PS2 graphics that is. You must be thinking of MGS: Twin Snakes which was a MGS1 remake. Either way the bottom line is Peace Walker looks like arse, I wasn't expecting MGS4 standard but I was hoping for PS2 quality at least.
  8. I've now got the MGS HD Collection and the first three Splinter Cell games also upgraded to HD and I have to say MGS looks much better. Even today the graphics on MGS2 (a game over a decade old) are still pretty decent. Sure the textures are a bit flat and things go all blurry up close but all in all the game has aged really well.
  9. Have you tried Peace Walker yet?
  10. I'm just about to finish solidus off and end my first play through of mgs2 in 8 years. The story really is a mind fuck and I love it! After this ill do some VR missions and move onto mgs3, my favourite in the series, then I'll play peace walker for the first time. Those dog tags are going to take chrome magnum ages to collect, I'll have to play through mgs2 at least 5 more times. I'll be playing this for months.
  11. I completed all ten of the sneaking missions for Raiden in the VR missions section last night and just realised that I didn't save it! Damn current generation with all their auto-saving has spoiled me!
  12. I've started playing mgs3 and since it's the subsistance version I'm using the movable camera (splinter cell/mgs4 style). It's weird, corner peeking seems to be irrelevant since you can just position the camera so you can see around corners. I've also become a noob again, I got spotted straight away because I forgot they can hear your footsteps in this game. Sure looks pretty though.
  13. I've only played MGS2 so far. Just had that battle against Fortune and now have to go to Fatman and kick his ass.

    Getting a platinum for MGS2 will take far to many retries and time.
  14. But it will be done. MGS2 is too classic and awesome to not be completed 100%. By the way on MGS3 you can change between the classic and new cameras with a simple click of R3, nice.
  15. Is there a trophy for shooting down a pigeon in mgs2? cuz I did that when chasing fatman. (if I recall right, yes while the timer beeped... it was like my sonar... I taped it too... but lost the file...)
  16. No sadly. I have already tried. :D
  17. There is a trophy on MGS3 for completing the game with no kills, it's called Peace Walker, I see what they did thar.