MGS5: Phantom Female Gamers

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  1. MGS is a cinematically styled tactical/action-adventure game. It contains comedy, violence, adult language, and T&A. You're clinging to one aspect of it as if the core demographic wants just that and not the whole package. People who buy MGS are the same type to buy CoD or GTA. It isn't women, they are busy playing FB games, something that doesn't really make you a gamer.

    Best selling games of 2015:
    Mortal Kombat X
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Battlefield Hardline
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Batman: Arkham Knight
    Dying Light
    NBA 2K15
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Super Smash Bros

    ^ that is the core demographic in gaming. Fantasy violence intertwined with scantily clad women does pretty well.
  2. Social justice warriors are not just overly passionate about a topic as many seem to naively believe. Actually, I question how many of them actually care at all about the topics they chatter endlessly about. Similar to behavior commonly seen with certain personality disorders, especially behavioral patterns associated with Cluster B personality disorders from the DSM, they mainly want power and control over others. They want to command others what to do regardless of the actual circumstance or outcome. SJWs feign extreme outrage to the most minor issues to claim victimhood and injustice to seize power and influence.

    Look at the worst of these SJWs, who are typically also con artists. Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, PZ Myers, ect. For them, step 1 is the nuclear option. They'll say the most horrendous things about people to provoke them, then they'll cry victimhood and suggest that the only way they'll survive the harsh words of people they've intentionally pissed off is via hefty donations and blind support. You'd be hard pressed to find one of these clowns who doesn't have through the roof narcissism and self-entitlement. These people KNOW they are deceitfully manipulating others. They know much of what they're saying is extremely embellished or often a complete lie. They don't really care that much about the topic. What they are about is having power over other people, telling others their way is wrong and that they have to conform to what they say. Look at their inconsistencies in selecting powerful portrayals of women and reframing them in victimhood and oppression.

    Sarkeesian used Samus Aran as a key example of "women as rewards" for entitled males. But isn't she aware Aran is one of the most iconic female video game protagonists? Isn't she aware the Metroid franchise is in the 20 million ballpark in sales, most of which occurred well after it was known Samus was female, which is highly inconsistent with claims of gamers being misogynistic? OF COURSE SHE KNOWS! She doesn't care! She needs everything to be an example of oppression and misogyny in order for her to have a purpose and continue to make huge sums of money. Same deal with more recent stuff like The Witcher 3. Ciri, who is probably the future of the franchise, has untold potential power to the extent that she can't even control it, so strong many fear she could bring about an apocalypse. Doesn't matter. Those bad guys say "bitch" and "whore" sometimes, which I'm sure is far worse than the ultra-PC days of medieval Eastern European tales, which is what it's based on. Stop thinking these SJWs don't understand this or seem to be inconsistent about that. THEY KNOW, and they are just portraying issues in a misleading ways for their own benefit.

    The most amusing/ disturbing thing about Sarkeesan is that she actually uses the "damsel in distress" trope herself (in real life) all the time and has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. I'm a woman being oppressed! They said mean things to me! Gimme money! How people are so blind to this and how they can continue to believe she's completely genuine about it but is just confused or misunderstands some things boggles the mind. I've seen people put out volumes of 30-minute or more videos genuinely trying to explain these things to her and her followers. It's so obvious what truly motivates these SJWs if you just open your eyes. All those supposed inconsistencies in what they say and what they omit and their perceived confusion about certain issues instantly vanish if you realize what their true motivations are. It is 100% consistent with manipulation of seeking power and influence over others. Next time you see one of these ridiculous first world issues made into a spectacle of faux outrage and tumblr Armageddon, think about it in terms of manipulation and power grabs, not sexism. It will completely make sense to you what they are actually up to every time.
  3. This is the result of studying liberal arts... in the real world they are overly educated yet unemployable. With no real skillset the options are: join the welfare roster or start a sensationalized blog attacking soft targets for clickbait money.
  4. There's even a term for this career choice: professional victim
  5. Sometimes SJWs mistake a troll for an easy target... since trolls don't follow etiquette hilarity ensues.

  6. So this is now just a 'lol at SJW's' thread?

    I agree with monsly to an extent. MGS is MGS, sure let it be, but I have to say that I don't love quite a few aspects of the series that feature solely to appeal to teens and immature idiots. I wish there were more AAA games that didn't have to appeal to the lowest common denominator so they can make the profits required of an AAA game.
  7. I said, you can't even keep your own argument straight. Are they objecting to combat games? No. Are they objecting to fighting games? No. They're objecting to content that they consider to be sexist/misogynist or derogatory to women. This isn't an argument about what types of games men play or whether men are the majority of the audience for certain types of games.

    Once again, what you were originally arguing is that women were objecting to content that is required to sell games to the core demographic. I said that there's no proof that sexist/misogynist or derogatory content is required for sales and you agreed that there wasn't. Give it up.
  8. Hmmm...what you're describing sounds familiar.

    "SJWs really are ridiculous. Hardcore gaming is one of the last places it's still okay to be a guy and like guy stuff, and they just can't tolerate that. They are actively trying to destroy our hobby....Vote with your wallets and don't let these people destroy your hobby."


    "Feminist SJWs are all about hypocrisy and double standards. They hate games because men enjoy them. And deep down they want to punish and subjugate men. Because in reality feminism is nothing more than a womens' supremacy movement. It stopped being about equality a long time ago. And supremacy movements are bad."


    "We should change your title from compulsive hoarder to trans positive feminist social justice warrior. Do you have a set of preferred pronouns you would like us to use when addressing you? We wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilites on gender issues."

    Yep, I see harsh words and victimhood in there. I see complete lies and deceit. I see a person telling someone else to conform. But you seem to be agreeing with them...
  9. You inserted the word requirement, and your entire argument hinges on that one word. Is it mandatory to show T&A for sales? Probably not. But it is well received by the core demographic so developers will keep it coming. Why would developers change something that works?

    Actually, that was my argument all along. Developers make games they think will sell to an audience that previously bought them... like the games on that list above.

    Anita Sarkeesian would object to 7 out of those 10 games. Of that, 6 are franchise titles, so there is a clear history of 'objectionable' content pushing unit sales.

  10. Not seeing the lies, victimhood, deceit, or push for conformity. I did see explanations of authoritarian SJWs' true motivations and manipulation strategies. We have very different ideas of what constitutes victimhood. I don't consider people who see through deception and reject it as victims, nor would almost anyone on the planet besides perhaps you.
  11. Funny how the Sarkeesianite SJWs haven't brought up The Boss in all the pages of MGS talk about representation of women. I guess the fact that the most powerful and admirable character in the history of the MGS universe is a female doesn't quite fit that SJW feminist narrative, huh?




    She was the responsible for the training of special forces, invented the CQC combat style and taught it to Snake, and crushed our super soldier protagonist Snake at will. She didn't just win easily, she made him look like a complete joke toying with him and left him with broken bones or a permanent injury in every encounter. She's also probably the best human being in the series as well, sacrificing as much as anyone in an act of true altruism and the good of humanity when the problem was the fault and mistake of others. She's the closest thing to Jesus Christ of the MGS universe. She quite literally sacrifices herself to save mankind from certain doom. How curious SJWs make all these claims about misogyny in MGS yet omit her every time. It's almost as if they don't actually care about the topic but are instead cherry picking what is presented and what is omitted to push a deceitful feminist SJW narrative they know isn't true.
  12. There's plenty of backward thinking on show here. Shame. I think games will move to maturity as the audiences grows and that's a positive thing. This male entitlement thing with gaming is bizarre. If games move away from being so juvenile then that's great as far as I'm concerned.

    It's a weird thing to argue that stuff like Quiet is OK because MGS had a female that wasn't just a pair of tits. Clearly the equivalent of the racist who has black friends. Doesn't change a thing.
  13. Honestly, what do you know about Quiet? Do you know why she looks the way she does? Do you know what happened to her? Or are you basing all your well-informed opinions on assumptions only from glancing at her CLOTHING? That doesn't sound like backward or puerile thinking at all. Whereas I'm foolishly learning about Quiet from actually playing through the game and learning why she behaves and looks the way she does. Notice that people actually playing MSG5 tend to think she's an awesome character but the people who just made superficial judgements and know nothing do not? Curious phenomenon, yes?
  14. I don't see any proof that T&A is seen as what 'works' in generating sales by developers. Just look at the Tomb Raider reboot vs the old games. I think they just throw it in there because they can and because it has become an expected thing in gaming due to past precedent. It doesn't have to be and personally for me it only cheapens the story or characters in games.

    Both monkeys statements and the feminists in question have extreme overreaching points of view on this. Both are twisting reality by seeing things that really aren't happening in the way they think they are.

    So who is the bigger dick? The one overshooting to compensate for decades of momentum, or the one one defending the majority with all the power and demonstrates fear of any change to what they love - everyone else be damned.
  15. I'm not afraid of change. If women want to start getting involved in the development process of hardcore games and actually buying and playing hardcore games, great. But that hasn't happened. Hardcore games don't really have that much broader of an audience than they've had in the past. This is still primarily a hobby for men and teenage boys. We've just broadened the term "gamers" to include casuals, many of whom are female, who aren't really gamers and wouldn't even consider themselves gamers. I also don't think games are as sexist as SJWs make them out to be. Some games even have strong female protagonists. But this is primarily a male hobby, so of course it's going to have a male perspective on things and show men things that they want to see, but that doesn't necessarily make it sexist. It just makes it manly. And there's nothing wrong with liking manly things.
  16. Your view on this is way too simplified. You can't reduce it to hardcore and casual, that's akin to black and white. Your statements earlier remind me of someone else who used to frequent this forum that loved stating his anecdotal evidence as fact. The world is not limited to what you see from your perspective.

    My girlfriend loves Ratchet & Clank, Portal, Broken Age, Skyrim, Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Rollercoaster Tycoon and lots of other similar games. Are they casual? I really don't think she's some soft of exception either. Not the majority mind you, but I think that's because of damaging social stereotypes more than anything else - the same kind of stereotypes that say what it is to be a manly man. It's not about it being okay to like manly things or girly things, it's about questioning that mentality all together, being open to well rounded forms of entertainment that don't rely on damaging and restrictive stereotypes.

    Not every game has to be a low brow action movie to appeal to men. Every now and then I enjoy those types of things, but unlike when I was 11-16, it's not everything I like. Games can be better than this. Not all of them, nor do all of them need to be, just like movies. I feel that statistically more of them certainly should be.
  17. Until people vote with their wallets things are unlikely to change. Feminists could Kickstart a game as a trial run, if it does well the big devs will fall in line. That type of action would go a lot further than trying to convince others to risk their money.
  18. SJWs have tried making games. Take a look at Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn or Revolution 60 by Brianna Wu. The problem is that no one wants to buy or play a game that's basically a badly written choose your own adventure story about depression, or something that looks like an N64 game with tranny characters. There is no market for these games.
  19. You don't need to go to extremes to prove a point. Take something like Mirrors edge, fairly successful and a cult hit without resorting to overt sexualisation of the main female character. It was also a first person action game that didn't focus on gun violence as the main game mechanism. The cult following formed because the game was different and refreshing in many ways - even if it was partially flawed.

    Stop with the black and white BS. There are more options out there than 'Giant breasted anime babes playing volleyball with AK-47's' and 'Transvestite talks to a councillor about online trolls - the game". I'd personally like to see more AAA games attempt adaptations on a successful platform. One of the more obvious ways to do that is to not always cater to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately it seems like the game dev industry attracts many of those who make up that lowest common denominator making it hard for fresh, mature ideas to get support.
  20. Hmmm giant breasted anime babes play volleyball with AK-47s. So it's Far Cry meets DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball? I like it. I would buy that game.