MGS5: Phantom Female Gamers

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  1. Clear example of a lie: "They hate games because men enjoy them."
    Sure, objecting to misogyny or sexism in games is exactly the same as hating games.

    Clear example of victimhood: "And deep down they want to punish and subjugate men."
    No, I'm the victim! Me! They're trying to destroy my hobby!

    Clear example of pushing to conform: "Do you have a set of preferred pronouns you would like us to use when addressing you? We wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilites on gender issues."
    Lame attempt at trying to shame someone for their alternate opinion.
  2. And you've admitted that the audience that previously bought them is not doing it for the content that is being objected to. So what is the point supposed to be relative to this thread?
  3. Who would actually want to encourage that kind of developer mentality anyway? What are they sitting there with a check list of things they must include in their game because popular games x, y and z did? Constantly afraid of not pleasing their precious audience. How can anyone defend that kind of conservative thinking about a medium they love? Honestly, anyone who truly appreciates gaming should be advocating the movement towards a proliferation properly mature games - adult gamers are the biggest market, after all.
  4. You guys should support Depression Quest and Revolution 60 with your hard earned dollars since it seems like that's the kind of game you want to play.



    Wow space trannies and depression. Sounds so much more fun than boobs and explosions.
  5. Looks like they subscribe to the boobs and arse character models too.
  6. I said they aren't buying games for TnA content exclusively. Unlike your obsession, that isn't the only objection FF has. The bulk of those franchise games would fall into multiple tropes. I linked the dying light tweet for example, which doesn't rely on female appearance. Are you even familiar with FremFreQ and their points on gaming? It doesn't appear so.
  7. Well Brianna Wu is a dude, even though he cut his junk off and started dressing in drag. So maybe on some level he/she/it/spivak still likes things guys like.

    Sarkeesian is a troll. I'm not even convinced she believes a lot of the things she's saying. She got exactly the irrate reaction she wanted from gamers. And she's gotten a lot of attention and money through her trolling. Like AKS said, she seems like she has some Cluster B personality disorder. So histrionic, manipulative, and attention seeking. The best response to people like her is to just ignore them. When they stop getting attention, they go away. I think people finally realized that with Glenn Beck, which is why he is off of Fox News and hasn't gotten any real attention for years.
  8. So we have:
    Mirror's Edge - a moderate success.
    Beyond Good & Evil - monster flop.

    Both were great games, BG&E is a greatest of all-time contender. It was incredibly immersive and did cinematic adventure better than MGS/Uncharted/etc... I raved about it on PVCF1 all the time.

    I personally wouldn't mind games like those if they are fun to play. Both were pretty unique.
  9. Mirror's Edge is getting a sequel.

    It had a strong female protagonist. But it was still an action/adventure game with a mix of parkour and gunplay that would primarily appeal to a male audience. And it was only a modest success.

    Sarkeesian wouldn't even like it because it features a damsel in distress. The game is about the main character rescuing her sister.
  10. Her positions are generally horrible and often outright lies. I'm kind of amazed at how immune she seems to be from even the most basic criticism. How is it that anyone who has played GTA V hasn't taken a moment to reflect that hundreds upon hundreds of men are killed and almost nothing happens to women in that game unless you just deliberately decide to attack random female NPCs? How is it possible that people are not recognizing what she's saying is total nonsense inconsistent with their own first hand experiences with GTA? How many millions have played that game and know what she's saying is nonsense? Yet she's almost bulletproof from facing even the slightest criticism.

    Jack Thompson was very similar to her but was universally reviled. There were even simple games made in which you could kill Jack Thompson in brutal ways, but make a game a similar about Sarkeesian and it's the most offensive thing in history and "proves" we live in a patriarchal rape culture that oppresses and violates women in every way at all times. She does astound me with how she lies with almost every statement that comes out of her mouth, quite often things that are obviously not true, yet she receives less critical scrutiny than the pope or patron saints.
  11. Extremists should only exist to make an opposing point known and to get people thinking about their own point of view on the subject. Anyone who follows an extremist is a lost sheep and anyone who adversely opposes an extremist by becoming one themselves is an utter idiot. Creating games about mutilating an image of a specific real-life person is sick. If you can't see the difference between that and GTA then you have issues.

    Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and too many people only know how to pick a side and vehemently defend it until their ideology becomes illogical.

    Stop being outraged by extremists and ignore them. Think for yourself about where your opinion on the subject came from; you likely grew up playing these games as a teenage boy. There's a lot of nostalgia attached to certain gaming franchises as well as general themes, character styles and gameplay mechanics. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, hell, I cant wait for the FFVII remake, FFXII remaster and RE2 remaster. Just because I can enjoy playing re-workings of games I loved as a teenager doesn't mean gaming in general must be all about channelling my teenage self and bathing in the sweet nostalgia to get away from my mundane adult life.

    I know that gaming is a different medium in that what is possible and how something can be presented changes on a much faster scale that any other art/entertainment form. Does that necessarily mean we have to keep rehashing everything for all time? Hell no. Gaming is more acceptable now, more people game now than ever, even excluding casual gaming. So shouldn't games appeal to more of those people without excluding them? Learn how to look at something from a perspective other than your own, forget the nostalgia and think about this properly for a minute.
  12. So why do you think she's been designed like she has? I think she's been designed like that to appeal to a certain male audience. I don't know what secondary narrative excuse might be used; maybe she has to make ends meet on the battlefield by stripping for local warlords, desperately getting cash to save - get this - her boyfriend. Those tits and ass are about empowering women, really. So get them out, bitch.

    I think Fusion and alterego have eloquently expanded this along lines that I broadly agree with. I don't think games should be just one thing; there should be room for all sorts of audiences, experiences and narratives. At the moment, the balance isn't there. Games fall WAY short of other mediums in things like representation and I think that's mainly out of following tradition. If game producers start thinking about these things more, then we should get more plurality in gaming and that's great thing as far as I'm concerned.
  13. More games should be like this.

  14. That's your night sorted.
  15. Okay. I haven't chimed in yet but that woman looks freaking ridiculous. She's dressed like a mentally challenged homeless street walker. She looks like she'd do anything for a few grams of heroin.
  16. Judging a woman based on clothing is racist.
  17. If you played the game you would know why she is dressed that way.
  18. Why's that then? Are aliens going to blow up Snake if she doesn't show off her tits? Is it a good reason or stupid reason?
  19. She breathes through her skin so clothes would suffocate her.
  20. Aaaaah, I stand corrected. That makes perfect sense. They should make it so she has to rub her nipples too, just in case her heart stops.