MGS5: Phantom Female Gamers

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  1. It's MGS, strange stuff always happens. She was worked on by science in someway which makes sense if you play the game and see some of the other freaks.
  2. you don't even know the half of it. go watch some mgs5 videos. she even has a weirdo scene where she starts rolling around in puddles and dances in the rain. and I think some other scene where she promiscuously showers herself in public.
  3. Doesn't speak. Is allergic to clothes. Likes being wet. Sounds like the perfect woman.

    lol I kid. But only sort of.

    10/10 Game of the Year
  4. This will blow your mind, but women tend to like to see sexy, attractive female characters as well. I'm not sure how many times I've heard women talk about Emelia Clarke/ Daenerys from Game of Thrones, including how they like looking at her boobs in nude scenes. Women's magazines are full of nude or nearly nude women, both in advertisements and the content of the magazine. And I'm not sure if you've ever been to any sort of social event in which women dress up, particularly if it involves costumes, but they're putting about as much of their figures out on display as Quiet. If it doesn't match up with your puritanical views of sexuality, that's just tough for you.

    And regarding this "certain male audience," did they ask for these as well:





    Curious about how you weren't bitching with your hair on fire about any of this, which spans the entire series. And I don't suppose I really need to mention covers of romance novels or romantic comedies when buff hunks are present simply because women like looking at buff hunks. Oh, but that's so different because....reasons or something. Women were swooning over this for philosophical reasons I'm sure:


    And where was your thread whining about things like this:


    I've searched and can't seem to locate it. Weird.

    She's nearly burned to death in the opening sequence. She's mutated in a number of ways, which gives her a number of superhuman abilities and keeps her alive and restored her physical appearance, but it also unsurprisingly has substantial consequences, as she's more or less manipulated and turned into a weapon and has had a number of physiological changes. It's not unlike the storylines of dozens of comic book characters, which tends to basically be the same type of thing we've seen with Metal Gear Solid characters all along. Think about the origins of Superman, Spider-Man, and most of the comic book characters. Most tend to be pretty far fetched. That tends to happen in fantasy storylines.

    And this one character of one game prevents other characters being represented in different ways? I had no idea Metal Gear had such a stronghold on what everyone else did. In typical SJW fashion, you're disguising imposing your moral standards and your preferences on everyone else by claiming to want more variety and more freedom. You are angry that the aesthetics of this character do not fall in line with your personal views and paraphrased the hackneyed feminist statement "That's not OK" already. I'm surprised you didn't squeeze a "That's sooooo problematic..." in there somewhere as well. You're so incensed when people don't do things the way you think they should be done. YOU DON'T EVEN PLAY METAL GEAR GAMES, for fuck's sake. But goddamn you need to be the one telling people that do what their game should be like, right?

    Amazing that you find her clothing to be so soul crushing and disempowering yet overlook that she has supernatural powers and is one strongest warriors on the planet. She has probably killed hundreds of men, but that's a minor detail compared to skimpy clothes apparently. I can see why you're so bitchy about this topic. It would be torture to think the way you do. I'd be miserable. No need to try to share so much of it, though.
  5. I don't like Quiet. admittedly I haven't finished the game yet so she could surprise me. I don't like the way the game has way too little dialogue in the first place, then they throw in a mute? I couldn't care less about how little she's wearing or why she's wearing it (although the reason given in game is ludicrous, even by MGS standards).

    At this point I just wish they'd made her a robot or something. Boring waste of disc space she is.
  6. I'm glad that you are so aware of the fragility of your ego. Please don't ever try to think about anything from someone else's perspective, we'd all hate for you to be so miserable that you stop posting signed shirtless pictures of Patrick Swayze.
  7. Pointing out clear double standards and hypocrisy doesn't affect my ego. The fairly obvious point should be that there have been plenty of bare chested, ripped musclemen in the MGS universe over the past couple of decades without the endless bitching and moaning. Very few care. That's Kojima's vision for the MGS universe and very similar to many comic books, albeit more often with a superhero rather than military conspiracy storyline.

    Once again, it's not really the actual issue SJWs are concerned about, it's the opportunity to push their views and control others. People who are not SJWs fanatics don't care and do not get bent out of shape over every little first world problem and try to control what everyone else does or thinks.
  8. You should play through the game and see what you think. I mean the first two encounters you have with her, she tries to assassinate you. So yes, she's not terribly likable early on. Also, she takes some getting used to as far as having her as a companion in-game. Rather than following you around by your side, she'll jump to sniping perch to sniping perch. She can do an incredible amount of damage. She can take out an entire outpost with nonlethal, silenced sniping. You're going to appreciate her a lot more when you get the rank 5 silenced/ nonlethal sniper rifle.
  9. Half the forum are misogynists who objectify women. The other half are misogynist slut-shaming prudes.

    LOL... feminists win by fatality.
  10. You might want to check on the actual meaning of "slut shaming" before trying to use it.

  12. Wow, you guys really have a problem...

  13. This thread is making me feel very triggered right now.
  14. Weird to see you so unhinged on a subject, AKS. I really don't feel like arguing when you're all over the shop as you are; way too many straw men, name calling and ill-thought ad hominem. If Quiet was an exception rather than a rule, I'd have less of an issue with it. The reality is far from that. Still, there's a picture of Swayze without a shirt so I suppose you win.
  15. Why are British men generally so prudish and emasculated?
  16. Why do American men generally want women to appear as just tits and ass?

    Hey, I can do it too!
  17. Good way to weasel out of addressing any of the inconsistencies and double standards I listed. Could be triggering and very problematic.
  18. Not really. Again, sad to see you acting this way.
  19. If it makes you feel better she actually wears proper clothes in the prologue mission cutscene.
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    The shower scene is in a jail cell. They lock her up most of the time at the base because they're afraid of her. She tried to kill Snake before he spared her (twice, really, as she tried to commit suicide after he defeats her), and she put at least one of the soldiers on the base in a coma (so far). She's really only on good terms with Snake. Everyone else is convinced she's eventually going to try to kill everyone. Kaz consistently pushes to have her killed.