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  1. This is basically as I stated before. Those things weren't even in the realm of current tablets. They were heavy and bulky. That Dell latitude was as heavy as my laptop and almost as thick as it too.

    This is just MS capitalizing on what people were asking for.

    People complained that ios wasn't a real os so real work couldn't be done. People complained that the ipad didn't have usb connectivity. People complained that the older windows tablets were too clunky. People wanted a windows tablet with touch friendly ui.

    MS just addressed all of that.. so what else is there to do?
  2. I've been reading some opinions on the interwebz today that are basically saying the real intent of the Surface tablet is to cut-off Apple's inroads into business enterprise with the iPad, not compete against the iPad in the consumer space.
  3. I heard it was a brainwashing device from Xenu.
  4. Xenu only issues brainwashing devices to psychiatrists and tax collectors.
  5. Everyone thinks this looks good, someone's doing some brainwashing.
  6. so if the RT (Arm based) version doesn't use x86 software what does it use? Win Mobile? That's a downer. I predict the Pro version to be too expensive as well, I bet AMD will make one sooner and better and it won't flop since there won't be any hype.
  7. The ARM version will use the metro crap in the start screen.
  8. There's apps developed specifically for it. For example, MS is providing a version of MS Office just for RT. The other apps, you get directly from the Windows Store.

    This is why I directly compared the Windows RT version to ios and android tablets. It uses a similar model. It'll be priced to compete with those tablets.

    All MS said was "priced to compete" so we just have to assume the Windows Pro version is going to be priced alongside ultrabooks. :( For reference, at computex a few weeks ago, Acer announced their Iconia W700 11.6" tablet. It also uses an ivy bridge processer like the the WinPro Surface and will be priced $800-$1000. Who knows, maybe MS will surprise us and launch this thing at $700 (wishful thinking).
  9. wow MS really doesn't mess with legacy on their mobile lines.
  10. Re: Re: Microsoft Surface

    Win 8 isn't specialised for touch control? Yes, yes it is. Just look at monkeys endless complaining in the win8 thread about win 8 not being suited for normal desktops/laptops and instead focusing on touch.

    Hardware not suited to touch? What's not suitable about a 7-point multi-touch 10.6" panel with gorilla glass 2 and reported to have industry leading viewing angles?

    They included a good keyboard because they realise that ergonomics is important for anyone who wants to use the device for more than just basic web searching, media viewing and casual games.
  11. This thing looks perfect. It's exactly what would make a tablet useful and I appreciate the intention. BUT I don't have much faith in Microsoft's ability to launch new products. They will fuck this up in a most spectacular way.
  12. They should have considered De-emphasising the MS name a bit more maybe. That has worked for the Xbox, but failed for Zune. I never realised how many younger people don't make the link between Xbox and Microsoft.

    That's hardly a problem with the Pro model where the typical targeted user sees 'Microsoft Windows' and thinks "great, it's able to run anything", but the RT model has an uphill battle in a flooded market where image means a lot - and MS's image isn't all that 'cool'.
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    Win 8 has a layer of touch control built into it, but it was obviously never meant for touch control only. Which then brings you to the obvious question: what are you buying the device for? If it's primarily because you want to run legacy Windows applications on the go and don't want to use electronic keyboards, why not buy an ultra book instead? That's the difference between Apple and MS when it comes to tablets. Apple understood that it was a new product category, not simply a new version of a laptop. MS has yet to embrace that idea.
  14. I'm going to have to agree with the Apple fanboi on this one. The big thing Apple got right is that they recognized that mobile devices are fundamentally different from traditional PCs. Microsoft still seems pretty confused by that concept.
  15. I can't wait for this, the possibilities are so endless I can't wait for this. Sold my Ipad3 in anticipation.

    Seriously screw apple and their closed ended crap, I have had enough of apple and their annoying experience for windows users, finally MS make a seamless experience for windows consumers across all their devices. This device is going to do many things I demand of it.

    It isn't a gimped piece of crap like the ipad is. The ipad 3 had slow down on page turns on the new yorker ffs. It can't even render a magazine properly so in my eyes its a broken piece of crap. It's about time a proper device dethrones apple from its throne of idiocracy.
  16. I wonder how much this will work; seems to be a bit of a mixture in what it's trying to do so I wonder if that'll let it down. Normally most successful products aim themselves squarely at a particular market and set of needs. This seems a bit wider than that. Maybe it could work but the whole App market and the massive support Apple have is a big advantage to overcome.

    Personally, I'd be worried by the consumer experience MS offer, as Windows frequently pisses me off. Sure, I value having a PC but Apple are much better for a hassle free experience.

    Also, I wonder what the sense is in launching with 2 separate models. Splitting the market from the start doesn't seem that sensible.
  17. The arm powered one will probably be for people that want an Ipad with a USB port, battery life will probably be better with that one. The Intel one is probably more geared towards people who want a more desktop orientated experience but with the ability to take it with them as a tablet.
  18. monsly still has windows issues in 2012 so he probably won't understand what you just said.
  19. @chi: I don't see the sense in splitting things at the beginning like that. Apple didn't do that with the iPhone or iPad. Seems a bit of an odd decision.

    @khaid: Screw you, you BASTARD. I've not had many great windows experiences, that's for sure. Perhaps 8 will be better for speed and ease of use; that's what I put above anything for mobile experience. My home PC is currently really pissing me off but I guess that's Vista. Was considering switching the OS but I might just buy a new PC instead.
  20. @Monsly

    Vista was a terrible OS, and that's your entire problem right there. You really should upgrade to Windows 7. The process is smooth, idiot proof, and fast. If you can insert a DVD and click next, you can install Windows 7. Windows 7 is a fantastic operating system based on a lot of user feedback. Almost everyone I know thinks it's the best operating system they've ever used.

    Don't upgrade to 8. As I've said before, MS does a tick tock sort of thing with their OSs where they alternate between good and terrible, a lot like Star Trek movies. Right now you're stuck on The Search for Spock, and you're talking about "upgrading" to The Final Frontier basically. You know, the one where they travel to the center of the universe to meet god.

    PM me if you want Windows 7. I have some "N" European edition keys left that don't work in the US, but you could use them. I'll hook you up with a key and the disc image to install it.