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  1. Anyone got any good tricks for getting rid of these? Or at the very least curbing their regularity.

    I've suffered from migraines for years but in the last year or so they've been so rare that I've stopped asking the doctor for Immigran prescriptions. However, the last month has been awful and I've had the current headache since Monday. I've got a good accupuncture technique which really does alleviate the pain but it's only temporary.

    I eat really well, I drink rarely and I'm at the gym 5 times a week so I doubt it's a lifestyle issue. Although my job is stressful and I spend all day, everyday, surrounded by monitors and computer equipment so at the very least I'm straining my eyes.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Melatonin + sleep. That really is about it.
  3. Had headaches for years. Gave up caffeine about 4 months ago and they went away. They weren't migraines though.

    Have you tried a neti pot?
  4. No. Although the caffeine is something to think about; I drink about 5 strong esspresso based drinks a day...I might have to cut back a little.
  5. Do you know why you always seem to get them, or are they the random no explanation type?
  6. They just come on out of nowhere. I generally wake up with them which is weird because sleep generally gets rid of them if I can lock myself away for a day or two in a nice, quiet, cool bedroom. I also know I'm going to get one because I feel a bit funny when I go to bed.

    My doctor told me it was something to do with bloodflow in my head and neck. Caffeine might be the trigger since recently I've been drinking ALOT of coffee at Starbucks since they opened one fairly close to my home; I generally stop off for one in the morning, two or three during the day and one on my way home. I'm totally hooked.
  7. Lets try a test then. Go a few days or a week without coffee or anything to do with caffeine and see if you get them or not?
  8. Are you sure they're migraines? What are your symptoms?

    Sleep is generally the best thing for migraines. You should also try to avoid triggers, which can vary quite a bit depending on the person, and include things like lack of sleep, stress, and certain foods like caffeine, red wine, cheese, or MSG.

    If they start getting more frequent or disruptive, I'd probably just go see your doctor and get back on the Immitrex.
  9. Ahh..but if I cut out caffeine I also get headaches; I know this from past experience. I have to ween myself off it or at least ween myself to a lower level. Do they have something like methodone for caffeine addiction?
  10. Damn man, that sounds like an awful burden. If it is down to blood flow in your neck, is there not a operation that could sort that blood flow out and stop your migraines?
  11. Not unless they can give me cybernetic blood vessels; which would feckin' awesome...but sadly no. Apparently all migraines are caused by the same thing which is why the specialist migraine drugs work for everyone..
  12. The triptan drugs like the Imitrex he was talking about address this. During a migraine, serotonin release causes the blood vessels in the head to constrict and then dilate. It's the dilation phase that's associated with release of substance P and therefore pain. The triptans are vasoconstrictive, and also bind to the serotonin receptors.

    Often if triptans are taken quickly, like when you first start experiencing aura, they can abort a migraine entirely. Injectable Imitrex is great for this, as it's very fast acting, but a lot of people don't like needles.
  13. Well just ease off slowly then, have one or two fewer coffees a day for a week or so then drop down again.
  14. Triptans are not the only drugs used to treat migraines. If you continue waking up with them, I would talk to your doctor about taking Elavil at night before bed.

    The best thing though, before getting on a bunch of drugs, would be to see if you can identify any triggers and avoid them.
  15. I quit cold turkey and the withdrawals were bad. I got dizziness, chills, headaches and just felt bad for about 1 week.
  16. Exactly. I'm screwed either way apparently. My plan I think is to switch over to half-caff and come off it slowly.
  17. How many cups of coffee are you drinking in a day?
  18. About four or sometimes five, each with three or four shots of esspresso. I am completely hooked on caffeine. I gave it up for a while last year when I got a very painful kidney stone and was told that the caffeine was probably contributing but I started up again when they opened that damned Starbucks last summer.
  19. Could be thanks to your stress from your job.
  20. Maybe you should limit yourself to a maximum of 2 shots per coffee. and drop down to three cups a day. Just work out the best times to have them.