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  1. For those of you that don't know about this game, it's an open world sandbox game where you have to try and survive in the wilderness, but essentially you're digging for coal/iron/diamonds.

    The USP is that you are able to create/destroy any block in the world. You can build a tower up into the sky or dig right down to bedrock to mine for diamonds.

    You can turn this:

    Into this:

    Linky linky

    Also for updates:

  2. I request that this entire thread be deleted .If we hope to entice any new people to this forum we don't want to bore them to death on their first day.

  3. That’s nothing. Have you seen the guy building the Starship Enterprise on a 1:1 scale? Crazy shite. I’m kind of wondering if it’s chairmansteve building it. That would explain why he doesn’t have time for the forum anymore.
  4. You didn't say if it was NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701A, NCC-1701B, NCC-1701C, NCC-1701D or NCC-1701E. There have been a lot of vessels with the name Enterprise.

    Was NX-01 a 'starship'? If it was it throws that episode of STTNG where Scotty asks to see the bridge of the enterprise on the holodeck and the computer says there have been 5 ships with that name completely out.

    I am probably thinking about this far too much.....

    EDIT: Just looked on Wiki and it calls it 'The Starship Enterprise'.
  5. It's the Enterprise NCC-1701D, I believe.

    He didn't actually build it in Minecraft, he was modelling his 1:1 model in Sketchup when his harddrive blew. He still had the deck plans which is what he imported into Minecraft.
  6. Oh. I thought that would be friken impossible.

    So should we have a team effort and build a PVC castle? I think it should look like Castle Grayskull
  7. I'm game to help out occasionally, but we should make the server private so we can keep out people who want to grief from coming along.
  8. I'd be up for a bit of building work. Someone will need to run the server though, I don't think my connection OR equipment is up to the job.
  9. So this game is basically Sim City: Lego land? Looks okay, but I would expect it to bore me somewhat.
  10. For some peopleit's boring. It's like Lego, but where you have to dig for your blocks before you can build with them. It's one of those rare games where you are truly proud of your achievements because of the effort that went into them.

    You could always make a bunch of TNT and blow stuff up.
  11. I bought the game but it seems it will take an hour to register. I'll try it tomorrow.
  12. Cool beans. So who's got the PC power to run a server?
  13. I have a blade sitting spare at the minute with 8 x 3.2 Ghz cores + HT and 32GB RAM..

    Shame Minecraft is too rubbish that I wouldn't even consider buying it eh.
  14. You wouldn't be able to play anyway, mr no internet.
  15. Lol you guys seriously want a Minecraft server?
  16. What's wrong with that? It's not like we're arranging to all meet up and watch a man have sex with a horse.
  17. You watch Clerks 2 over and over I take it!

    It actually looks fun from the screenshots, but spending time to find blocks seem like a waste of precious time I think.
  18. I've never seen clerks 2...
  19. Actually it doesn't take so long; in fact it only takes long if you want to make everything out of diamond or obsidian. Diamond because it is rare, obsidian because it takes ages to mine and requires a diamond pickaxe.
  20. You can get obsidian more quickly by using lava and making moulds of whatever you want to build, filling it with lava and then dumping water on it.