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  1. True, but I just meant it takes a good 15 or so seconds to mine a single block; so to get anything remotely close to a decent amount takes a hell of a long time.
  2. Yeah, and those diamond picks are valuable! I'm not building anything out of obsidian.
  3. Well if we make a server we can always just use console commands to spawn equipment and blocks for ourselves.
  4. But that's lame. I want to see our castle, and the giant crater we dug side by side!
  5. It's fine, we will steer clear of obsidian then. It shall be made only of cobble stone and glass!
  6. And lava! it will cry tears of lava!
  7. Easily done with a bucket; just place the lava source block on top of a single block and it will cascade down around it.

    EDIT: Oh before I forget; you do not need a server grade computer to act as a server for minecraft if you turn of mobs and also have an 8 player limit.
  8. Who'll be hosting the server then? Probably best to start this sooner than later...
  9. I wouldn't say me that is for sure. My router randomly switches NAT and I do not leave my computer on constantly. That would cause trouble for most people wishing to play as I am from Australia and our differing time zones mean I will most likely be asleep when most people are on.
  10. Well there's probably only 3 or 4 of us max. My network connection would probably lag too much and I don't leave my computer on either...
  11. Hmmm, well maybe we can find something out.
  12. If needs be we can just run the server if/when most of us are online at the same and switch it off when we're not. Or we could sign up to a random public server.
  13. I bought the game last night but the server still doesn't recognize my login or email address. I've sent an email to support.
  14. NO! NOT A RANDOM PUBLIC SERVER GOOD GOD NO! The greifing... I... so much loss, pain... never, never public. Yeah just having it on when most people are on will have to suffice for now, we just need to show grim how good it is so he can use that old blade of his and for him to get a better ISP.
  15. I think I got hosed. Payed 21$ for the game and can't activate it. The website has no record of my login or email address. Wrote the website and never got a response.
  16. Seriously? You need to be online the fury time you play so it can register your game. I'm assumingyou did that though.
  17. Yeah it says I only need to log in the first time and that's what I can't do. I haven't tried in a couple of days so may I'll try again. Perhaps they fixed my account and didn't tell me.
  18. That's odd, mine went through fine. Have you checked notch's twitter or something, maybe there are server issues.
  19. Well still no record of my email address and no email response. I'll probably start a paypal dispute and see where that gets me.
  20. Hopefully you'll get this sorted out soon. Maybe you could include your Paypal receipt in an email to them, see if you can get a response.