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  1. I've been thinking of possibly using my older desktop to run the server software continually, as in 24/7, so you guys can play when you want due to our time zone differences. But another problem then is my current plan and its stupid penalties for exceeding the monthly allowance.

    I may start a trial of it next month when my plans allowance resets just to get an idea of how much it would be consuming.

    Oh, just as an alternative, if I cannot host constantly but there is someone who can/is willing too, and then I can send them the map file with so we won’t have to start again.
  2. What are the allowances on your data plan?

    On the minecraft forums I found this:

    Since we're not on all day or even around the same times, our bandwidth usage will probably be around half that. Travelling is most bandwidth intensive, but if we're just building in one spot, usage drops right down.
  3. I might have been able to build a server but I'm in a state of transition right now. I can't even find my PS3 power cord. Maybe we could carve out a piece of the PVC3 server.
  4. Arent those powercords universal? You could use any.
  5. I said I lost it!
  6. But everything uses that power cord! You must have about 50 tangled away somewhere!

    A PVC server would be brilliant, Many hands make light work.

    @Armitage, Might be worth trying the 24/7 old PC server over the weekend, see how that fares?
  7. I think I shall, anyway, server is up now on my laptop. I'll send the server software to my old PC later today.

    Hmm, I only get 20GB a month and I am not the only person in the household (nor am I the one who uses the most data.) so it may be cutting it close even if we consider only ~200mb a day.
  8. Much happened in the world of minecraft today. The castle was improved vastly inside with many extras... then exploded with much TNT in a bit of an accident. Then fixed in record time. But alas the server will be down until next month due to internetz usage.
  9. Armitage turned this


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    His pettiness knows no bounds!
  10. What on Earth happened there? Was it the will of God or the whim of science?
  11. Lol that makes sense.
  12. It was cold, hard cause and effect in action here. After leading Armitage on a convoluted and completely TRUE story about you pretending to be an adult, he encased me in TNT (Trinitrotoluene -SCIENCE!) whilst I was reading the forum.

    He was hoping to remove the blocks with OP powers (RELIGION!) But I knew he would fail so I bashed my way out. The consequences of the science/religion debate are clear for all to see...
  13. Science builds the gun, religion pulls the trigger. But who is the target? That's the question.

    And what, posts cannot contain only capital letters? You smart dogs...
  15. Is this game free? That seems right around what I would consider paying.
  16. It's probably somewhere around $16-17. It is still in beta though so you should get all updates until it's finally done.
  17. I think it was like $21. That seems over priced for something that could run on a Commodore 64 but my curiosity got the better of me.
  18. My only issue with the game is that it's in Java, so you need a much more powerful pc than you would expect. Hopefully the final thing will be in something a bit more friendly to PCs.
  19. Like if theres many people out there that wont be able to play this smoothy...
  20. Judging from the number of threads in the Minecraft forum with tips on improving performance, yes, there are plenty of people who can't play it smoothly.