Mirror’s Edge 2

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  1. This is 5 minutes of game play from Mirror's Edge 2. I like how it looks just like the first one. I'm going to get this but probably not right away.

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  2. The original is one of my favorites. Might be nostalgia since it plays like an old-school 2D quick thinking reflex tester.
  3. The first Mirror's Edge blew me away, loved it. Been waiting for a sequel ever since and I know this is a reboot, but whatever, I'll take it. Probably a day one purchase for me.
  4. Played the beta. Seemed pretty good
  5. Reviews

    Critics: 75
    Users 3.2

    Bad user reviews usually indicate bugs but I'm not sure what happened here.

    Also, there is a Hyper setting that will only run with >4GB VRAM.

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    The original game only got 7/10 from both Gamespot and IGN, but became a cult favorite.

    Also take Metacritic user reviews with a grain of salt. They shit on pretty much every new game. Fallout 4 had a 3/10 from the users of Metacritic until enough normal people who aren't complete Asperger's cases voted and raised the score. Even now it only has a 5.4. Anyone who really thinks FO4 deserves a 5/10 needs to be slapped upside the head.
  7. The user reviews are also going to be skewed by gamer gate trolls. Mirrors Edge is FemFreq approved.

    But it's also a legit good game/concept.