Misogyny Hunter: Feminist World

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  1. Best Monster Hunter yet. Who is playing?
  2. The game is so good that it needs 3 threads?
  3. did someone fix it? phisix made the elusive triple post?
  4. LOL triple threads actually. Guessing monkey deleted them... not sure if you can see deleted threads. They were so plentiful I put 1 apiece in the public and private trash boards. Very impressive post by Phisix.
  5. I only posted it once as well. Buggy forum!! Yeah its that good it needs three actually. ;)

    Anyone else playing then?
  6. I think the majority of the current active members aren't really gaming in console anymore. grim and monsly aren't too active anymore.

    the game has no release date yet for PC. could be anytime during the fourth quarter and maybe even pushed back further.
  7. Always see Grim and Chi on PSN. Forum slowly dying its last embers then.
  8. no joke. I can't even find a game worth my time anymore. played destiny 2 until max level and just stopped. I can see its dying horrible death right now with broken promises and shitty paid dlc content.

    I would've bought monster Hunter world to play with my friend on PC since he's a fan and I'd be more than happy to be surprised that I like it... but it'll have to wait now.

    hopefully they make a real PC port. butbsince it's a Capcom game, I don't have high hopes.
  9. I'm still gaming. I even bought a second Wii U! I hurt my back about a month ago and it fucked my arm up too. I haven't been able to use a mouse very much so I switched to a controller. I finished Injustice 2 and I'm just lightly playing South Park and Life is Strange Before the Storm. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 5 next month.
  10. Yep, haven't seen grim in aaaaages.
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  11. I finally bought a PS4 over the holidays. But I haven't had time to play anything since the holidays...
  12. What's your PSN? I'm sur we can arrange a tutorial for record league. If grim reappears and chi isn't off monster hunting for the rest of the year.
  13. Don't think Grim plays it but I saw Chi on it all day lately. I've been taking my time on it i'll let everyone else race to the end so they can be decent and dont let me down in online hunts at end game.

    You guys need to play Fortnite its fun we could do squads!
  14. Chi loves Monster Hunter, he made me and Monsly buy it on PSP years ago, he actually was so determined that he personally posted a copy to my house. It was crap, spent all your time in loading zones. I haven't been able to trust Chi since.

    I am always on my PS4, mostly daily but I did have flu last week which put me off a bit. Just finishied Horizon Zero Dawn and now moved onto RE7.

    We did play fortnite, Monsly was rubbish at it and Chi is too racist to be trusted in big open battleground games.
  15. Monsly being rubbish at games still a thing then. :D
  16. I’m fucking awesome at games. That cur grim is still cut up that I have a platinum in Binding of Isaac.

    I too share grim’s hideous memories of monster hunter. A game filled with loading screens, waiting and waving at balloons.

    I would have bought this one but chi refused to buy Friday the 13th in the sales so I wanted to spite him.
  17. I'l have to look up my PSN it was a new account. I wish Sony's setup was more like Xbox Live. I found PSN frustrating and a pain in the ass. I tried to download the latest DOA but they were selling it piecemeal for hundreds of dollars if I bought the "whole" game.

    When do you guys play? I might be free this upcoming sunday or monday. Anybody have DOA5?
  18. I’ve never seen anyone openly play DOA5, you pervert. I tried it once but got so outraged at the blatant objectivisation on show that I got sidetracked into writing an angry letter. AKS told me the tits jiggle because the women are enpowered by their nipples being erect but I don’t trust him anymore. His eyes dart around a lot.

    We tend to play in the evenings here, either Monday or Tuesday. Use to do daytimes but having a kid makes that difficult. I’m stuck watching Scooby Doo on my PlayStation whenever they’re awake.
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  19. How is RE7, Grimbo? Big fan of the series but have not got around to it yet due to my backlog and now Monster Hunter. Still need to play Evil Within 2 as well.
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    My frat bros loved DOA games. The same frat bros who brought strippers to fraternity parties and paid them to make out with each other. Card carrying members of the evil patriarchy that objectifies and opresses women with their maco and micro agressions. We even had a secret handshake.