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  1. I don't recall saying that. I said that is what those politicians are offering.

    Its a valid point. It is a politically beneficial tactic to pick and choose which groups deserve to have their concerns addressed and which groups to ignore. It divides everyone up nicely into predictable voting blocs.

    Name a right that men have which women do not? I'll wait. I would love to know why you are so passionate about this topic given that it is just a bunch of chasing ghosts and fabrications.
  2. Monsly is your typical emasculated beta male "nice guy" friendzoned mangina. Guys like this act like whimpering sycophants around women because they think they will be rewarded with sex and love if they are submissive and compliant. Women may say they want some enlightened feminist new male like this, but deep down they really loathe them and prefer strong, confident real men to pussified sissy bitches.
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  3. LOL this seems like it could be the beginning paragraph to one of your stories.
  4. What was there to respond to? It was pretty bland and transparent.
  5. Whilst it can make us feel good about ourselves to mock others, what we need to remember is they are also people too. I know you see other people as challenges sometimes and their differences can be scary and this makes you feel insecure but you do not need to enter fight mode. I know empathy with emotions can be challenging, especially when we cannot help it, but do try to develop this in whatever way you can.

    Here’s a tip I’ve used with people before that has helped. Has there ever been a figure in your life that is good at communicating with people? Try to use that genuinely impressive sharp logical mind of yours to imagine what they would do. Think of yourself like a computer and you are loading another method when communicating in these scenarios. You still keep that safety blanket of logic that way and it can help you develop yourself even more.
  6. I think a large part of my success with women is precisely because I’ve never thought of things like friendzones and worried about being a pussy or just focussed on sex.

    Putting the trolling aside, I think that method of speaking you used - when genuine - is a large part of the problem for red pill people. I am lucky, as I know it can be harder for other males. I have the advantages of being a nice funny guy who is somewhat attractive. I think most of these people with women issues need to begin with themselves, make positive changes and look at women as people rather than almost intangible creature with mystifying motivations.
  7. Sorry, I’ll go slower for you. Your version of reality has politicians with more nefarious plans who fool women because all they care about is dick. I think that’s a laughably stupid reduction which speak volumes about you.

    Oh shit, sorry - didn’t realise your version of reality was the right one. I’ll change to be a self-centred oddball right now, any tips?

    I care about all sorts of fairness issues in society. I know some of you find it hard to believe, but there’s more to life than just looking after yourself. You can care for others and make a difference and - get this! - I don’t just exclusively care about some issues that affect women!

    For example, have done work for homeless and medical charities, my recent award was largely related to work with under-privileged males from the inner city. I’ve done a lot of things to help a lot of people. I haven’t had anywhere near the priviledges that a lot of people have had but I recognise I’ve had more than some. Shame that people like you that have been given almost every advantage don’t use your time to reach out to others rather than look down your nose at them.
  8. Monsly has a mangina
  9. Any tips? You certainly seem to have a little sand in yours.
  10. Tip 1: respect the cock
    Tip 2: tame the cunt

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  12. @bfun

    And? You can’t just shit post in my thread. State your opinion.
  13. The wage gap is a myth. It's an average of all jobs, including high wage and low wage jobs. It would be far more meaningful to compare the same jobs. When you do that, the gap is only around 7%. Think about it. If companies could get away with paying women less, they would hire nothing but female employees. But that's not happening.
  14. It’s a myth, gotcha.

    Hang on, it’s 7%?

    I see. Good point, well made.
  15. Monsly, could you misrepresent me just a little more than you already have? I don't think we have achieve peak strawman yet.

  16. Shit, captain red pill has emerged!

    You said that shit about women and politicians. Own it.
  17. Sorry, just got back up. Your stupidity literally knocked me out. I mean, you cannot see anyway I mocked your position as being ‘yep, all they care about is dick’ from this slice of stupid?
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    I wasn't finished. The remaining 7% is accounted for by women not asking for raises or promotions as much as men. If they did that, there would be no difference. In other words, women have only themselves to blame. They would be making just as much as men if they grew some balls and asked for more money. There is no conspiracy by the patriarchy to pay women less.

  19. The wage gap is best explained by acclaimed researcher Bill Burr.

  20. More voices from Monsly's movement that's totally about equality and doesn't hate men