Misogyny Hunter: Feminist World

Discussion in 'monkeyCage' started by Phisix, Jan 26, 2018.

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  2. I let my Youtube Red expire and listen to music with ads. On my drive home tonight, I got hit with a really lengthy ad on the myth of the gender wage gap. It was really bizarre and out of nowhere. Guessing because I clicked some of the links in this thread.

    Not sure if Google's algorithm is profiling me as a feminist or misogynist. Will need to make a new account to wash the shame of it either way. Fuck you guys.

    It was this video in its entirety:

    Ha! I remembered it because it totally tried to make itself seem credible as an academic university.
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  3. It's too late. You've been smeared with the stink of the PUA/MGTOW/RedPill/MRA cretins. And there's no way to wash it off.
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  4. PragerU stuff is very hit or miss. Some of the stuff is very good, others are piles of dogshit. The quality of the video and its information usually depends on the presenter and their credibility outside of the video.
  5. I love that there's a fake university to educate alt right trolls on popular trolling topics.