Model Railroads

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  1. Do you wear a conductor hat while you play with your trains?
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  2. Not at the moment. My controller broke so I can't use them. Most of the fun is in the building though. Open a beer, turn on some jazz, and build it inch by inch.
  3. There's nothing like smooth jazz when you're shoving your train inch by inch into a dark tunnel.
  4. Model trains? Jazz? Closet?
  5. He also enjoys reading Twilight.
  6. I can just imagine him playing with his trains in his Team Edward t-shirt.
  7. There is only one way to find out. Take the test Bfun!

  8. Isn't she like 16 in the picture? It's illegal to look at her in the States that a gopher back there?
  9. You imagine me playing in just a t-shirt?
  10. That seems to be testing whether he's an ephebophile.

    Here's a better one.

  11. He already kind of failed the gay test though because he started talking about tater tots in the boobies thread.
  12. Actually it was a tots thread with boobies.
  13. And you focused on fried potatoes instead of boobs, thereby failing the gay test.
  14. Did you even look at those fried potatoes? Mmmm fried potatoes.
  15. I'd take boobies over fried potatoes even if I were starving.
  16. They had bacon.
  17. I'd still take the boobies.

    Also, don't use the "I have a kid" excuse. My uncle was married for 30 years and had a grown son. He now lives in Vermont with his man wife.
  18. If you didn't appreciate the bacon cheese tator tots for just a few seconds you're a liar.
  19. If you didn't appreciate the bacon cheese tator tots your not a man which makes you gay.