Modern Warfare 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, May 14, 2011.

  1. I just don't like what MW3 stands for - More of the same because they know they'll make money no matter what.

    BF3 is the same core dynamics as BF2 (multiplayer) but they've actually put in effort to overhaul the game and made it much more immersive.
  2. BF2 was in need of a new graphics engine with wide screen support. That was a huge upgrade for BF3. BF3 also has physics support albeit only for Nvidia.
  3. Completed the single player now - did it on regular in under 5 hours. Is as stupid and over the top as you might expect. It's pretty relentless in spectacle but I didn't find the battles hit the heights of the previous games.

    Anyone else tried the multiplayer yet? I'm not really feeling it so far. Feels far more run and gun chaos than the others. Maps feel small and the tactical flow seems lost. Not sure about it at all.
  4. Does not sound like a buy unless it's bargain bin. Enjoyed MW and MW2 so that is a sad twist of fate.
  5. That's if it gets cheap. I was buying Uncharted 3 yesterday at the shops and passed on Skyrim since it was $89 and ordered a physical copy shipped online instead for $59. But yes, at the shops I saw MW for $49 and MW2 for $69. That's ridiculous! I bought MW in 2008 for less than that!
  6. Yeah, unfortunately the CoD games take forever to come down in price. Just another example of how Activision are dickheads. You'll probably be waiting for several years for MW3 to hit bargain bin prices.
  7. Just saw on steam that it's $69 here now where is was $99 (BAHAHA) until now. I'm not sure if it's a mistake though since when you click on the store page it still says the game by itself is $99.99 but the top option of the game + brady guide is $69.99. How can this be? Is it a mistake or did the game flop hard?

    Perhaps someone in the US or UK can confirm if anything like this has happened on their steam. It could just be limited to Australia since we pay major markup on everything and at $100 the game just didn't sell, especially when it's cheaper in shops. I personally won't pay more than $60 for a game on steam.
  8. Got this off bittorrent to try, as I felt like taking a bit of a break from Skyrim to shoot at something. The campaign is more stupid Michael Bay movie stuff where you half expect "America, Fuck Yeah" to be playing in the background, and the graphics look very dated, even maxed out. The user reviews on this have been very poor, so I think even Joe Sixpack is wisening up to how crappy CoD has gotten.
  9. I don't think Joe Sixpack is smart or really patient and discerning enough to make user reviews. His vocabulary is not usually bigger than 'it's good, the graphics look pretty and I shoot lots of things on it, it's fun and I'll play it for hours and hours.' or 'This sucks, I shoulda bought a better game.'
  10. You should feel ashamed, taking a break from Skyrim for Cod. :(
  11. I actually took a break from Skyrim to play Black Ops the other day. After playing nothing but Skyrim for almost two weeks I really needed a change of pace. Something fast and frantic. I only played for a couple of hours then resumed my Skyrimming.
  12. A few hours is fine. If I wanted a break I would probably carry on crushing of Uncharted or play some disgaea 3.
  13. I was curious how bad it was. It's bad. I'm already bored with it. The campaign felt like a badly done expansion pack for MW. It also didn't mesh well with the other MW games. You can tell this wasn't made by Infinity Ward.
  14. I'll have to get it at some point to finish the story off, but ill wait until it is like £10.
  15. The CoD games hold their value for a long time - you might be better off renting.
  16. I've seen shops that are still asking £40 for mw2.
  17. For an incredibly popular game that has sold tons it holds it's value very well. Given the criticism that MW3 has had, I'm wondering if that may drop more. Cheapest I've ever seen MW2 is £13 to this day.