Moral Dilemma

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by monsly, May 26, 2011.

  1. Bargain hunting for games today, I chanced upon a Hammer horror book. A girl I work with loves Hammer stuff so I call her and ask if she wants me to get it - it's only £2 after all. Anyway, she's really pleased and grateful and says she'd really like it. I get it. Then, on a hunch, check eBay and Amazon. It's worth £50 or so. Bollocks.

    So what shall I do? I think I want to still give her the book as it's a nice thing to do. But it's like I'm giving her £48 in effect which is quite a tidy amount. Gaaaah! Help me decide!
  2. You're an asshole, so just make up a story and then sell it on ebay.

  3. Hmm, there is still a possible financial gain from giving it to the girl at work. You can easily lead her to believe that she is getting a £50 gift. To reward your kindness, your co-workers may someday shower you with expensive gifts. It could be an investment for your future. Remember that.
  4. I agree with AKS. Karma will be in your favour.
  5. Your cheery disposition seems to have disappeared; you don't have a smile in your heart anymore. GOOD.
  6. I won't be working with her in a couple of months so karma return from her seems a stretch. I think I'll still give it to her as she'll really like it and she's a nice person but, if I'd have known I had nearly £50 in my hands, then I'd have thought twice. Stupid nice gesture costing me cold hard cash. I've learnt my lesson here.
  7. Up to you mang. The fact that you had to think about it that hard and you needed to post it here tells me your heart is already black. What if the world goes to hell in 2 days and you needed that extra cash to save your family. Look out for number 1 man!
  8. Tell her your dog ate...pocket the fifty.

    When I'm in these positions I console myself and relieve the guilt by remembering that the majority of people in the world are complete dicks and probably wouldn't do the same for me in return.

    If you were single and really wanted to get in her pants then I'd be all for the gifting idea but since you're not you might end up with your missus wondering just why the fuck you were giving some "bird" at work an expensive gift; the fact it only cost you two quid will be lost on her and the FIFTY QUID will be at the forefront.

    As someone who has had a lot of experience in the last 18 months with women being complete cows I'd avoid that bullet at all cost and pocket the fifty for my trouble.
  9. @Ichiban

    I was just about to bring that up myself. Guys don't normally give women $100+ gifts unless they want to get into their pants. I can't believe Monsly's wife would look too kindly on this if she found out.
  10. My wife knows about it and she doesn't mind - I think she'd have been rightly suspicious if I'd have spent £50 on something but I thought this was just cheap, friendly thing to get. Thinking of it, this girl did get me a copy of the Withnail and I DVD from a charity shop for 10p after I'd told her I was annoyed at missing a free copy in the paper.

    Gahhhhhh, I just don't know. Kindness or filthy cash. Perhaps I should just toss a coin.
  11. Don't make up sad excuses.

    Sell it on eBay and link her the auction.
  12. Say to her you lost it at home somewhere.
  13. You've changed your tune. It seems PVC favours the cash option as it stands. Hmmmm.
  14. Is it's condition really worth £50? If it were me I'd give it to her simply because that's less work than putting it on ebay and shipping it.
  15. I was thinking; everyone would go for the more money option. Plus I always do nice things for people and get nothing ever back in return. So sell and buy yourself a decent game!
  16. This. Selling things is hard work, even for a 2400% profit margin. Do you really need that stress compounding with guilt of not giving this girl the gift you promised? DO YOU?
  17. Yeah Monsly, in reality you may not actually be able to sell for how much you think. On top of that you'd look like quite the arse in front of the lass and she may well spread it around the office/work place. That may not be too benificial to you, even if you aren't going to be there in 2 months time.
  18. Don't do it man!
  19. £50 is a pretty much the ballpark figure for this; it's in fantastic condition. I sell a fair few things online so it wouldn't be a bother to do this. I could cover my tracks easily enough so she'd never know. It's the money versus doing something nice that's at the heart of it all. I'm still in the do something nice camp.
  20. If you're confident in this then you might as well go for it. Just ask yourself, what would Grim do?

    (probably hide until sudden death)