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  1. This looks like really bad Uwe Boll level stuff. Hollywood still hasn't figured out how to make a decent movie out of a game.

  2. Yeah, I won't be watching that in a hurry.

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  3. gonna be a day one download for me. the movie is really meant for the lore lovers since it's staying 100% true to the original lore, but honestly.. I'm not sure how well that'll play out for them.
  4. Gotta disagree... not saying it looks good. But it deserves an A for effort because they clearly tried. In contrast, Uwe Boll can barely put together a film trailer let alone movie. Youtubers are more engaging than this.

  5. In contrast, here is a cinematic trailer for the new expansion next year for comparison.

  6. This is actually getting some bad world of mouth for a Tarantino flick... anybody see it yet?

  7. Yeah, it's not that great. One of his weakest films. It's three hours of people yammering back and forth at each other in a cabin. Very little actually happens. Channing Tatum and Jennifer Jason Leigh are pretty bad actors and seem miscast. The biggest problem with it is that it's just kind of boring. It does have a few funny bits with Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Walton Goggins (Boyd from Justified) though. I'd say it's a probably a 6 or 7/10.
  8. 10 Cloverfield Lane:

  9. never would i have thought that cloverfield would get another movie
  10. That trailer was better than the first movie...
  11. do you know what was actually on the other side of the door that john goodman was so scared of? roseanne.
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  12. I think he's scared of pirates. Dead pirates. In a fog.

  13. Haha Roseanne. That brings back TV memories.
  14. Could be okay. The original Bad Neighbors was much better than I expected it to be and was actually pretty funny. Although I think you have to be over 30 and look at college kids as a bunch of morons to really get a lot of the humor.
  15. John Wick 2

    Thought the first was pretty good. Sequel is green lit so Keanu has started practicing his Gun-Fu

  16. That actually looks good which is surprising.

    I think Suicide Squad is also looking good.