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  1. Should get a 10/10 from the critics who thought DC should have done more jokes in Batman/Superman...
  2. I've heard of Dr. Strange before, but don't know anything beyond that. Trailer looked interesting. Definitely, has a Nolan vibe right down to the music. It's on YT now...

  3. Well since we are on the subject tell me these two aren't alike. Play them both at the same time.

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    Ha...I did think of the Prometheus trailer when I originally heard that warning signal overlay for Rogue One. I'm guessing it's probably been done before that too.

  5. The Prometheus trailer did it since it's following up on Alien which used it in its original trailer back in the day.

  6. I guess this comes out next week.

  7. I'm reading the book right now. It's pretty good.

  8. Loads of new trailers from last night:

  9. Really like the new MI6 and Solo trailers. Meh on Dundee. I think I'm over Jurassic World, definitely over Cloverfield.
  10. Technically this is a series trailer rather than a movie trailer, but regardless it looks really awesome:

    Looks like lots of practical effects and retains much of the look of the original instead of becoming a CGI fest, which would have been my biggest concern. I'm hyped to see this after watching this trailer. This has so much potential. Hopefully the story is good.
  11. Did they use CGI to keep the puppet look? I guess I like that although those puppets always freaked me out.
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    Most of it is old school puppetry, which I think looks much better and allows it to retain the look of the original movie. They use CGI on a limited basis, but most of the characters are brought to life with Henson-style puppetry. I think practical effects as a base enhanced with some CGI effects as needed is usually the best approach. I enjoyed reading the comments under the video; there are some very passionate Dark Crystal fans out there.

    Henson was actually trying to scare kids in the original movie, which was very dark for a kids' movie. He said that it's unhealthy for children to never be scared. Henson also said he was the most proud of Dark Crystal of all his creations.

    BTW, Simon Pegg is apparently doing the voice for the scheming Chamberlain (Mmmmmmmm....), which amazes me. It sounds perfect. This means Pegg has a part in both this and The Boys.
  13. I thought I'd just seen some amazing acting by Joaquin Phoenix last week until I saw the trailer of this masterpiece in the making. This tasteful and thoughtful take on this topic is sure to be an instant classic. Hopefully they make a good 4K Blu-ray transfer because this seems like the type of movie you'd treasure watching repeatedly.

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    Hahahahaha. They’re just pretending feminist Ghostbusters with the unfunny SNL women never happened and are doing a hard reboot. Monsly and maybe like two other people will be so disappointed.