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  1. I busted the jack in my beloved Sansa Fuze. I use it mostly for the radio. Bought a Clip+ and the radio sucks. I guess they left the shielding off to make room for a bigger battery. So now I need a new MP3 player with a good FM receiver. Any suggestions? Fuze+ has bad reviews and I'm not sure if the Clip Zip fixed the FM problem of the Clip+.
  2. Get a smartphone you Luddite. No one buys MP3 players these days.
  3. Get a Zune HD. HD radio!
  4. Get an iPhone. Winning.
  5. I bought a Sansa Clip 1GB in 2008 for around $30, the same price it is today. It plays MP3 and WMA like a champ. I tried its FM radio once, too long ago to remember if it sucked. On one of the earplugs the foam cover fell apart last week.
  6. Why not just buy another Sansa Fuze if you liked it? Still in stock on Amazon...
  7. I keep it on my night stand, on a charger, all the time. I could probably use a phone but this is easier.

    Thought about it. I can get a refurbed 160GB for $53 but that would be overkill for my purposes. What is HD radio?

    I guess the original Clip had a good radio. It's the Clip+ that got buggered.

    Yes. That idea is on the table. I can get a refurbed on NewEgg for $33. A brand new one cost about $60 which is a lot more than I paid for mine. I think the price has gone up since they were discontinued.
  8. It's basically digital radio rather than crappy analog sound. You might get a few extra channels though. Regular zunes don't have an HD radio receiver, only the Zune HD does.

  9. Is DAB radio not big in the USA yet? We have had it for a few years. We get tons of DAB stations now and I was going to change the stereo in my car this month but had to pay for a new windscreen pump so have put it off for now.
  10. I've never heard of that until now. Had to look it up. I think this is something else the US wants to be "different" in.
  11. Well I spent more than I wanted and got a refurb Zune HD 16GB for $85. The HD radio won me over.
  12. this is the one thing my LG Arena does really well... plays mp3s (and internet/ fm radio) like a mofo!!
  13. Zune HD radio rules . I have the Zune HD plus Samsung Focus wp7 phone that includes the Zune inside.
  14. Got my Zune HD and I thought I’d do a quick comparison to the Ipod Touch 2G.


    The OLED on the Zune is nice but not amazing. It’s black to white transition aren’t that great.
    Winner - Ipod Touch 2G

    Touch Response

    I was really impressed with the touch response of the Zune HD. Ipod Touch 2G is a close second.
    Winner - Zune HD


    Not even close. The iPod Touch crushes the Zune here
    Winner - Ipod Touch 2G


    The Zune interface is nice for what it does but I’d say the Touch wins out here
    Winner - Ipod Touch 2G

    Music Player

    Well in my opinion the iPod Touch 2G is one of the worst music players I’ve ever heard. The Zune HD happens to be one of the best I’ve ever heard.

    Winner – Zune HD


    Obvious winner here is the Zune. The HD radio stations sound great.
    Winner – Zune

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Zune HD is sexy and the iPod touch is Chubby.
    Winner – Zune HD

    In summary. The Zune HD is the clear winner if all you want to do is listen to Music or radio. The quality of those two features alone makes this one of the greatest music players I’ve ever used. If you want to watch movies and have more apps than you can shake a stick at the iPod Touch 2G would be the better choice.

    And yes I realize I’ve reviewed two discontinued devices but I suppose they are both still available.
  15. You'll be reviewing ghetto-blasters next.