My PC keeps crashing in full screen video

Discussion in 'Technology' started by AKS, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I'm having a hell of a time pinning this problem down. I play some of the most demanding PC games, so raw power certainly isn't the issue.

    I've been defragmenting, updating, cleaning, adjusting settings, ect., yet I'm still getting crashes when I play full screen video on my PC, something that should be quite easy to do considering the hardware that I have. Netflix and youtube videos shouldn't be causing these types of headaches. Any ideas?

    BTW, I'm talking entire PC crash, not just the browser dying. I have to reset it and can't even get to the task manager. A complete reboot. I haven't noticed any other types of problems with my PC.
  2. Is it just in the browser, or is it all full screen video?

    What browser are you using? Have you tried reinstalling flash? Are your codecs up to date?

    Download the mega pack if you don't have it already.
  3. I'll try the mega pack. I haven't had this problem until recently. I'm not sure what changed that has led to this problem. Probably some sort of obscure change in an update or something. I hope this fixes whatever it is.

    Seems to be full screen through the browser only. I've been trying to update everything I could think of.
  4. Bad stick of RAM?? It's usually the PSU or the RAM and since games show no problem it's gotta be the RAM
  5. Wouldn't bad RAM affect gaming as well?
  6. I had a RAM issue that caused similar problems before; I found a programme to check for it. Another time it was my motherboard but it was only when it blew up and I replaced it that I realised it was the issue.
  7. gaming isn't too RAM intensive, streaming HD video pumps the pipeline big time.
  8. That codec pack probably won't help you at all then. Netflix uses silverlight and youtube uses flash unless you opted in to the html5 beta. Have you tried different browsers?
  9. for the ram theory you might wanna try memtest see what it says.

    Netflix has always run best in IE for me as well...
  10. I thought of that and tried IE instead of Chrome. It crashed again.

    I'll see if anything from the codec pack helps. If not, I'll try investigating RAM next. I'd be quite pissed if my RAM was failing. It's rather new and expensive RAM.
  11. This is what I use to test RAM:

    Bootable iso:

    Burn the iso to a cd or dvd (as a disc image the same way you did for Windows 7), then restart and boot off the disc. It's Linux based and will start running on its own. Usually you'll start seeing errors almost immediately if you have a bad stick.
  12. Mass Effect 2 froze up a few times in a row. Something is not right. I'm going to test out the RAM and check for loose connections. I am also beginning to wonder if there could be a problem with the XFX 6950 video card I have, which I've never liked much in the first place. I have a lifetime warranty on that card, so that would be the least expensive problem to have.
  13. Checking to make sure something didn't come loose is a good idea. I've had strange issues a few times and found that something had come loose when I moved my PC. Pull the ram out and put it back in firmly, do the same thing with the video card, and make sure all the power connectors are in tight.
  14. I had similar problems when my ram went bad. One stick went bad and then a short while later a second stick went bad.
  15. @AKS

    What kind of RAM are you using (brand, speed, timings)?
  16. 8MB G.Skill 1866, which is on sale right now. 9-10-9-28
  17. have you resettled the thing? I bet you it got unsettled given those big ass heat spreaders :/
  18. It's the XFX 6950. It's starting to make a horrible growling fan noise, which initially frightened me because I thought the whole damn PC was shorting out and I turned it off. I'm going to wait for the XFX card to cool off and swap the HIS card into that slot. This XFX card is a piece of fucking junk. I'm so glad I didn't buy an XFX 6990. I've tried XFX, and I've found this card to be the worst card I've ever owned. In fact, it's the only card I've purchased that I have downright disliked. My cards from HIS and EVGA have been great products.

    BTW, I have found no errors with my RAM at all. I did a lot of testing without a single error.

    So G.Skill is evidently good and XFX is complete junk.
  19. I had an XFX GTS250 that was a bit too hot/ loud for my comfort. I may have avoided similar grief lol.
  20. I'm perplexed as to why the HIS 6950 1gb IceQX Turbo card seems to keep going UP in price. Aren't the prices supposed to drop over time? I got mine for around $220 with a discount. It's around $250 to $280 online now. They are $262 on amazon and are still selling out. I should have given it a horrible review instead of a 5/5 so it would stay cheap.

    I'm chatting back and forth with the XFX bozo. I am trying to negotiate a way to get a better cooler instead of a replacement of the piece of garbage fan and heat sink that came with it. I'd probably just scrap it and get another HIS card if the damn things wouldn't have shot up in price. The 1gb costs as much as the 2gb card right now.