My PC keeps crashing in full screen video

Discussion in 'Technology' started by AKS, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I guess I know to steer clear of XFX if I ever go the ATI/AMD route again.

    I love my Gigabyte GTX 460 with its dual fan cooler. This card idles at around 35C, which is crazy. That's cooler than most peoples' CPUs.
  2. My HIS 6950 idles in the 30s. The hottest it ever gets is in the very low 60s, in something like BF3 for example. Every HIS card I've had has been fantastic. It's the other crapstick from XFX that has me pissed off. The XFX, when it was functioning, idled in the 60s and would shoot up into the 80s and above if you didn't watch the fan speed.

    I think HIS and EVGA are the way I'll probably go for now on depending on whether it's an AMD or Nvidia.