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  1. LOL! The basement carpet is scheduled to go in Friday but the basement just flooded overnight...

    Sucks because they already paid to have the drywall and paint work done. Luckily, the carpet they wanted caused a huge delay. Would've sucked to have the new carpet trashed and start all over... The pipes are behind the drywall, but it's too hot for them to burst. Could be a crack in the foundation, as there was a major storm last night.

    I'm not even sure what they are supposed to do. Do they even bother calling the insurance co? It's just wet concrete from the last flooding at the moment.
  2. I guess they should call insurance again but the company may argue that the problem should have been repaired with the last payout.
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    Both of my toilets are ready to be replaced. One has a bad wax seal and occasionally leaks. The other one is cracked and flushes poorly. Trying to decide between ToTo and Kohler. The impression I'm getting of Kohler is that they were good years ago, but quality has declined since they shifted production to China. It also seems like they have no idea how to make a decent low flow model. ToTo is a Japanese brand. Their stuff is sitll made in the US or Japan depending on the model. They're well reviewed, but also expensive and hard to find locally to try.

    There's a third option: toilet slave. Toilet slaves use less water. But they are expensive and have to be trained properly. You also have to deal with escape attempts and a toilet that pleads with you not to poop in it. They're also more complicated to dispose of when one breaks. You can't just leave them by the side of the road like any other broken toilet.

    I guess I'll have to carefully weigh all of my options.
  4. Most brands have good high-end toilets now. Just make sure you buy into the best line the company sells. Toto became the plumbers brand when the water restriction standards started happening in the 70s and 80s. Most companies put smaller tanks on the same old toilet which had horrible results. Toto designed new low flow toilets that actually worked. Today most everyone makes a good 1.6 GPS toilet. If you're required to go 1.4 or 1.28 some might be better than others. Dual flush is an interesting option. If you want to buy one make sure you can get the parts to fix them when they break. Check you city for water saving rebates. You may find that your new toilet could be nearly free.
  5. I'm now leaning towards a Kohler with flush assist. I don't care that much about a $100 rebate per toilet, which I will lose with the flush assist model because it uses too much water. I mainly just want something that doesn't clog. Everyone I've talked to about low flow toilets says they suck balls. They have weak flushes and clog constantly.
  6. I have a 1.6 and a 1.28. They never clog and it's not from a lack of trying. The 1.28 gets skid marks pretty bad though. Those old 3 gallon units with slower flushes seemed to clog a lot more. I also have a flush assist and there a few things you need to know. First, they are loud as hell. If your windows are open your neighbors will here you flush. Second there have been some studies that say they send microscopic poop-lets flying through the air. All toilets do this but the flush assist can be worst since they create a poo tsunami. It can also be harder to find replacement parts for them. If it breaks you may be poopin in the backyard until the new parts are shipped to you. Mine has never broken and it's pretty old so it might not be an issue. The noise also tends to scare small children so potty training with it can be a challenge.
  7. In the UK we just buy a toilet, seems far too complicated in the US.

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    I've come to the conclusion that pest control is almost always a scam to con women and gullible old people into paying hundreds or thousands for pest problems that can be fixed for a few bucks.

    Ants: just put terro on some old tupperware lids anywhere you see ants. They swarm the stuff and it wipes out their colonies in a few days

    Roaches: Advion. Put a few dabs of this stuff in your kitchen and bathroom around appliances or anywhere you see cracks. Had a bad roach infestation. This stuff killed every roach in the house in like 3 days. Those sprays you get at the hardware store are absolutely worthless. They might kill a few roaches but they won't wipe them out totally like Advion. A word of warning. This stuff smells like garbage and farts. I think that's why it's so great at attracting roaches.

    Rats/Mice: contrary to popular belief, mice don't like cheese. They like peanut butter. Put some peanut butter on victor rat traps. A word of warning. The traps are messy. Be prepared to find a gory mess. But they work well.

    Subterranean Termites: dig a trench up against the foundation of the affected area of your house. Pour water mixed with Termidor into the trench. Retreat every 6 months. Termites pretty much always come back but this stuff keeps them at bay for awhile.

    Seriously, what do these guys even do that they charge thousands of dollars? Also what are they doing with those spray cans? I've never found a pest problem that could be effectively treated with any kind of spray.
  9. Centapedes?
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    I haven't encountered those yet, but I'm sure there's a $5 solution.

    You were right about the newer low flow toilets. They use less water, but the flush is stronger. I ended up going with the 1.28 Kohlers. They use something called aquapiston. It's not exactly flush assist, but it's stronger than a normal flushing mechanism. I've seen the parts at Home Depot and Lowes, so there should be no issue if it's breaks. It's also quiet.
  11. lol @Grim 's toilet video. If I was rich that is how I'd design my bathroom.

    Dude you need a $50k truck and a special hose dispensing secret pest control spray. Hire a professional like this guy!!!

  12. I think the deal with the sprays is they intentionally use something that may kill a few bugs but they know won't wipe out the infestation. That way they have to keep coming back. All part of the scam.
  13. My in-laws get these around their house. I never see them until they spray for them and then they turn up dead on the driveway. I guess a bite can turn into a trip to the hospital.

  14. A freaking raccoon tore up part of my roof. I saw it sitting there about a month ago and thought it was cute. Now I know better.
  15. Had a leak under my sink. Now I have to replace the cabinet bottom somehow. I hate water.

  16. Water really is the worst, I won't play with it at all unless I really have to, a tiny leak anywhere can cause so much damage.
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    I've never understood why kitchen sink cabinets aren't built to be at least somewhat waterproof inside. It's just a matter of time before something leaks. Garbage disposal, p trap, faucet, and caulking around the sink are common culprits. Even something like a rubber liner inside the cabinet would help a lot.
  18. In this situation I had bought one of those motion activated faucets. When you put your hands near the faucet it turns on. I guess it lasted about 3 years but now it looks like the mechanical shutoff box has sprung a leak. My guess is mineral buildup might have cracked the plastic but I don't know yet. I guess I can't be too surprised. I'm definitely going back to a basic faucet. The good news is that it was a fast leak which I think is much better than a slow leak. I don't see significant damage to the subfloor and the basement ceiling looks fine. Replacing the cabinet bottom so it looks good will be tricky. I could probably replace the whole cabinet but then I'd have to deal with the counter tops.
  19. Centipede bites won't kill you unless you have an allergic reaction similar to a bee, but it will leave you in agony. People usually go to the hospital for either the rare allergic reaction or just to treat the agonizing pain.
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    A word of advice on toilets. Don't buy cheap ~$5 fill valves. Spend more and get the nicer ones that are in the $15 to $25 range. Filling problems with toilets almost always go back to crappy valves. The water supplies do sometimes have issues, but it's much less common. The Kohler toilets I bought a couple of years ago came with cheap, crappy ones preinstalled. Had to replace them both today. One had completely stopped filling the tank. The other one wasn't filling it consistently when flushing. The better ones fill the tank faster and more reliably and last longer. It's not complicated or time consuming to change the valves but it is kind of gross. So probably not something you want to be doing much.