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  1. Name your drink!

    I've never been a fan of vodka but recently I've been mixing it with grapefruit juice and a little Splenda. It's a nice summer drink. I have a few jars of unsweetened grapefruit that I get the juice from. I'll probably keep drinking this until I run out of juice. I also have a bottle of Grey Goose that I've used for the first time. It's a little better than average.

    I've planted mint this year so I expect I'll be making some mojitos this summer.
  2. I call this one Dehydrated Dysentery.

    Johnny Walker shots + Peanut Butter + Taco Bell
  3. On ice?
  4. This is the time of year when I tend to order Long Island Iced Tea's to start if I'm out in the bars. A couple of those and then it's beer for the rest of the evening.
  5. I like Rum and Coke, Mandarin 7s, Screwdrivers...

    My favorite drink is one a friend of mine made up one night at a bar we go to, now its a staple of the place and people we don't even know order it regularly. He named it a Blue Bugatti. I'm not sure what the ingredients are, but the main ingredient is blue Curaçao. Awesome drink, I'll try and get the mix details if you guys want.
  6. Caipirinha

    It's a nice Brazilian drink that's a combination of cachaca, lime, sugar and ice.
  7. I used to be an alcoholic... Now I just get really really drunk a few times a week... :D I hate drinking. :/ It tastes disgusting no matter how much I try to pretend. I think I'll have a few more beers tonight.
  8. I've gotten into whisky recently. Had some really nice bottles over Christmas, particularly a Laphroaig one which was the most smokey tasting drink I've ever tried.
  9. Fuck whiskey. It's the only spirit I refuse to drink on account of its foul taste. I mean all spirits taste foul but whiskey is by far the worst for me.

    I feel like I want to try a Mojito as it looks delicious but I don't like Soda Water, hate the stuff. Also I saw this.

  10. You uncultured serf.
  11. What sort of Whiskey, Monsly?
  12. One was laphroaig, which is a real peaty one, was a 10 year single malt. The other was a sweeter 12 year single malt called Balclaive or some such randomness. Drank far more than I should but at least it was civilised.
  13. I used to drink a lot of Whiskey when I was younger but now it tastes rank to me. I did have a JD and coke the other night though and it was bearable.

    Most alcohol tastes rank to me these days, although I had a few beers last night and they were enjoyable.
  14. I use to hate whisky too but I've come around to it recently. It's something to be savoured though, don't think I'd pick it as one to go out and get drunk on.
  15. I like the taste of Laphroaig but the smell makes me gag. I probably mentioned this before but over here we like to label whiskey by the place it comes from. So Laphroaig is Scotch and Canadian and Irish whiskeys are Canadian and Irish whisky. Strait whisky is American and Bourbon is a type of premium whiskey that comes from Kentucky. There is also blended whiskey which is usually complete garbage. A plain 10 year Glenmorangie is my favorite Scotch and Jim Beam is my favorite Bourbon. I haven’t found a Canadian whiskey that’s any good and Jameson is about the only Irish Whiskey I’ve seen in America. It’s okay but I don’t usually drink it strait.
  16. I might go for a Glen Morangie next; I've also got Jura on my to do list.
  17. I had Jack Daniels once. It tasted like someone had liquefied old shoe leather and turned it into a drink.
  18. I'm not a big fan of Jack Daniels myself; that said, if you don't like that at all then I doubt a good whiskey would change your mind.
  19. A sign of getting old that is.

  20. Bell's whisky? Poor chap must have lost his taste buds.