NDAA will pass, Obama will sign it into law

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  1. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57343287/wh-oks-military-detention-of-terrorism-suspects/

    The National Defense Authorization Act is going through. The government can detain anyone they label as a suspect of terrorism without a trial for as long as they choose, opening Pandora's box for an almost inconceivable amount of abuses. Make sure you understand that we are talking about being labeled a suspect rather than actually convicted of anything. No proof is needed. It's whatever they feel like doing. If they label you as a suspect of terrorism, the military can come pick you up without warning and hold you without a trial for the rest of your life. THIS INCLUDES US CITIZENS ON US SOIL!

    NAFTA was bad. The Telecommunications Act was awful. The Patriot Act was horrible. The NDAA is on a whole different plane of existence of horrendous. This is the single worst law I've ever seen, and it's passing with ease. The US is now a police state.
  2. There was nothing left of American democracy anyway. We've been living in a third world police state for years.

    Between this and the bill to censor the internet, the government is definitely putting itself in a position to crush any dissent.
  3. When will they start consider bad movies terrorism?? For shame!
  4. Tommy Wiseau and Uwe Boll would end up on death row for high treason. I guess there is an upside to living in a fascist police state!
  5. I feel like I basically have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul for president in 2012 thanks to these insane policies like SOPA and especially NDAA. It's hard to believe that the best choice for a FDR-admiring liberal is to vote for a hard right, conservative extremist libertarian. The alternative is to see the US Constitution be completely gutted.

    I think most on the board tend to also be left-leaning. Can someone convince me that the positions of Paul in this interview are not significantly better than what Obama has been up to with these insane laws that are getting crammed through?

    I am VERY aware of the things Paul wants to do regarding canning the Dept. of Education and whatnot, and I hate those ideas passionately, but what good are any of these things I want to see remain intact if we don't even have basic civil liberties? The basic rights of citizens far outweigh anything else that I would normally be focused upon in elections.
  6. I'm to the point where I don't want to vote. Both parties are ridiculously corrupt and basically just two sides of the same coin.

    I'm starting to think seriously about leaving the country as a long term goal. The US is swirling down the shitter and I don't think it can be saved.
  7. DAMNIT Monkie you HAVE TO VOTE! Cuz I'm voting for whoever you bitch the most about! Right now it's Sarah Palin.
  8. The establishment Republicans don't really like Ron Paul, which by itself is almost enough to support him and make him their nominee.
  9. I don't bother voting. My one vote couldn't make a difference and whoever's in charge they'll just do the same thing because their actions would be dictated by the situations. The illusion of choice doesn't interest me.
  10. I think it's been well established over the last 3-4 years that the USA is a total plutocracy.

    These democrats and republicans are no different than Hollywood celebrities. They are paid actors, that get on stage to entertain the masses by quibbling over nonsense like gay marriage, 2% tax increases, etc...

    But in reality, both parties work for the same few people pulling the strings. I wanted to observe what they did when people finally revolted with the occupy protests. Turns out they will use unnceccsary force on peaceful protestors.
  11. I think it is becoming the same the world over, there is no difference between any of the parties (not the ones likely to get into power that is) anymore. Gone are the days when you have the Right vs the Left, everyone now is right down the middle and polices are hard to differentiate. All it is now is a new face every couple of years to make it look like change.

    Not sure how much European news you guys get over there but our lot recently pissed off Europe by being the only EU nation to veto a new treaty to bring in tighter regulation because they were protecting the banks. This of course has made the Conservatives very happy (still slightly right wing) as they really want us out of Europe anyway and promised a referendum on it if they got into power but with the left wing Lib Dem's* as coalition partners this referendum is never going to happen.

    * I said previously that no one likely to get into power was anything other than pretty much down the middle well this still stands. The Lib Dem's are never likely to get into power and actually only got about 60 seats at the last election.
  12. That line of thinking is the problem though. If it is just you and yourself out of all voters that thinks like that, then your statement could hold true. But when the masses start thinking like that, then you're very very very wrong and just fucked up your country.
  13. Peaceful? that's a load of crap. most of them are just kids who want the attention... than again that can describe the majority of politicians as well :). When celebs like Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Jimmy the body Ventura can be voted into office it's proven that the political system is a sham.

    Anyway if I don't wanna vote, I don't. I just leave it blank. At least your contributing to the census and junk, THAT is your American duty. I think those city council seat races are just dumb. Many of them don't even put money into a campaign so you know very little about them.