Netflix Jacks Their Prices

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  1. Lovefilm isn't available in the US.
  2. Oh. Unfortunate.
  3. Plus it states it's an amazon company, so I'd assume their selection is only as good as Amazon's. Netflix probably has to make a deal with the devil for them to have a drastic change in their streaming selection. I heard that they were offering Starz 3 times the amount their original contract price was. Starz still pulled out.
  4. Just torrent everything. These pay services are so much work and frustration.
  5. Ah, I found the article I was looking for.

    This is for the the people who wonder why netflix's streaming selection is that horrible. Studios are pulling out since they are getting more and more greedy (but we already knew that). They agreed with netflix initially since it was new and they didn't know how much their content was worth. Then they pulled out when they found out how much it was worth and netflix couldn't agree to the ridiculous money they were asking for without pulling a suicide act. Something's gotta give.
  6. Amazon Prime can be gotten for free. Students and care givers of children (which is like 70% of the world) have a few option there. So then you get Prime and the movie selection suck but you can pay for better movies and that might be cheaper or more expensive based on the number of movies you watch. I’ve watched my last 3 movies on Amazon using credits I have earned. There is also iTunes which is available to anyone and can be played on the TV by the tech savvy. Selection is poor though.

    Your PC is probably rooted so deep that the processor is now speaking Chinese rather than binary. There is no consumer product that can protect you from a good root kit you intentionally let onto your PC. If I was going to torrent, and I don’t, I would assume 100% that my PC was compromised.
  7. What do I care? There's nothing critical on my computer. I'm not anybody rich or important. The Chinese hackers can have it if it means tons of free stuff.
  8. I'm pretty much with cmdr on how I handle my pc. Everything on it is pretty much disposable. I have my essential stuff memorized or on some usb drive that I have somewhere. If my system ever dies some horrible death (hdd failure or horrible virus), I just rewipe and start anew with not a care in the world.

    If someone wants to spy on my network activities, go for it. They can see how many times i refresh this forum and a few tech blogs site and my porn preference.

    I try to get my friends and family to do it this way since it's way too stressful to try to recover your stuff. Much easier to just put important stuff on the side in external storage. And the fact that they always come to me when something goes wrong.. I guess it's really just more work for me.
  9. I memorize all of my passwords, my email is on google's servers, and my documents are backed up on a flash drive. I also do most of my banking from a nearby ATM instead of online. The hackers can do their worst but I doubt they'd get much.
  10. and your still tryin to get me to use an antivirus what?? lol. I don't torrent though cuz I won't support communism. But you'll keep AMERICAN eyes out of your PC, just if it's Chinese or Russian it's ok :eek:.
  11. Your data is unimportant but how about your identity?

    This may not interest you but the vast majority of rooted PCs are now bought and sold to be used in money making schemes. Botnet controllers are hired to increase click rates on websites which is a type of fraud that can be used to make people money or hurt people's businesses. Then of course there is the usual DOS attack that can be used to take down website. All this is done by using "zombie" PCs and many of those PCs were zombified by torrent sites.

    Personal attacks are not nearly as common because they are not as profitable but once someone has rooted a PC they can capture login IDs and passwords either typed or saved. That can give them access to forums, email, steam accounts. They can also turn a PC into a source of spam and Warez or if they feel really malicious they could always up the voltage on the hardware causing it to fail. If the hacker gets access to the BIOS a Windows wipe wont be enough.
  12. That actually sounds pretty cool. I'd like my PC to be part of something like that. Especially if it's a DOS attack on the RIAA or MPAA or some Wall Street douches or something.

    Zombified by Limewire or Kazaa more likely. Most of the torrents I've encountered were clean. The ones with viruses are obvious and easy to avoid and usually get nuked on TPB or Demonoid. Limewire and Kazaa on the other hand are virus infested shitchunks, and there are plenty of morons who still use them.

    I've encountered far more malware on google searches, especially image searches, than I ever have on bittorrent. The only virus that's ever wiped out my Windows install came from watching the BME Pain Olympics (a video of a guy cutting his own dick off) on some shady website I found in google.
  13. Click fraud is quickly becoming the most popular reason to collect infected PCs.

    I knew it was posted. I was reiterating for effect.
  15. HAHA! so rooting my pc is like recruiting it to the Chinese Red Army, love it xD

    waiting for the day when my pc will some day rise up against me xD
  16. More likely Eastern European/Russian.
  17. Netflix reached agreement with Discovery.

    There may be more to come for Netflix throughout the rest of 2011.
  18. Netflix is still currently the best deal when you look at the competition. They may run into problems with the $$ though...I saw a graph comparing their cash reserves to other likely players for net streaming video services and it's not even close. Millions compared to billions, and that's probably the difference maker if the licensing money jumps a lot higher.

    I'm a longtime customer though, so I'm hoping they can stay viable.
  19. Netflix is now saying that they've abandoned plans to split the DVD service from the streaming service. Qwikster will go down in history as one of the shortest lived brands ever apparently...