New MMO\'s: Possible WoW killers?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Many Massive Multiplayer Online role playing games for the last six years has been trying to beat World of Warcraft. So far non has exceeded such as Aion, EVE or even Age of Conan. There are three upcoming newcomers with one of them already out: Final Fantasy XIV. Here are videos of all three:

    Star Wars: The Old republic:

    Final Fantasy XIV:


    They all look awesome, and at the moment I cannot choose which I may try. I have heard Final Fantasy XIV is having some problems at the moment including bugs, but that happened to XI and that turned out great after a year.

    Thoughts, discussions on these three games and whether you will be getting or trying them?
  2. The only MMO that has any chance of dethroning WoW is Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have yet to play a Bioware RPG that wasn't amazing.
  3. Indeed, and from the trailers and gameplay videos I have seen of it, it actually looks like KoToR, but in MMO form. I can taste the epic now on my gaming tongue. I wonder how group fights against bosses in dungeons and raids will be like if this game has such a thing.

    Will you be one of these people that drops WOW for TOR?
  4. If it's anything like KoToR and Mass Effect, I'll definitely be getting into it.
  5. I was speaking to a friend who is trying out the Beta of Star Wars: TOR and he said the UI is a bit rubbish at the moment. Luckily it is the beta so hopefully they should change it soon.