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Discussion in 'Technology' started by monsly, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. My 4 year old Aquos still gives a fantastic picture, just a shame that the backlights are playing up.
  2. I'd go with an LED backlit LCD from Samsung, Panasonic or Sharp depending on who offers the best deal. Just familiarise yourself with the model classes so you are comparing a lower class to a lower class and don't end up buying something only slightly cheaper if you could have got a higher end model from a competitor for less. Of course, compare how each looks in the shops, but be wary that actual tweaking at home will always yield a different(in my case, better) result. The issue here is that some TV's look just ok in the shops but much better after tweaked to the use you require... then others look great in the shops but the options don't allow you enough flexibility to get it better for different uses at home.

    My Sony Z series from 3 years back has a nice load of options, but I wouldn't recommend Sony personally unless it's a higher end model at a good, competitive price.
  3. I haven't seen anyone mention LG yet. I'd say their TVs arguably offer the best bang for the buck, more so than Vizio even because the quality is actually good. If you want something that's nearly as good as a Samsung, but don't want to pay a premium, go with LG. I'm very happy with my 52" LG 1080p/120hz LCD that I got back in 2009. And it was a discontinued floor model, so it was only $800. It has some of the most accurate color I've seen on a TV, and it's massive.
  4. LG are good, I just haven't seen them be competitive lately. It must just depend on the deals at the time, but lately I've seen Panasonics in particular for better deals than LG's so in my mind there's no point bothering. They are great panels though, so if the price is right, you will surely be happy with one. Just remember once again to compare between the same tier, I'd always recommend against buying a lower end "great name" TV over a higher end "good name" TV if the prices are similar. Find what you think looks good, look into the features and adjustments available and compare on price that way. The panel quality between my first low end "W" sony and my second "Z" sony was pretty damn big. Getting a higher end TV for a good deal from any of the 5 brands mentioned is the way to go IMO, IF you can find a deal of course.
  5. I don't know brah, a 52" for $800 is about what you'd pay for a Vizio or some other Walmart brand, and this TV looks a trillion times better than any Vizio I've seen. In fact, my brother who has a high end Sony LED has commented that the color seems far more accurate on my TV than his. Maybe if we're just talking about MSRP the LGs don't seem like a great deal, but in actual stores I frequently see them deeply discounted, especially if you shop around the beginning of the year when they're clearing out the old models. And to my eyes they look nearly as good as the more expensive Samsungs, Sonys, and Sharps, and sometimes as good or even better. I just can't see spending more. In fact, I think anyone who spends more than about $1000 on a TV these days is a bit touched in the head. If you know where and when to buy you can get a massive, high quality, name brand TV for well under $1000. Here's a hint, go in late January or early February when they're clearing out last year's models.

    As far as Panasonic is concerned, my in laws have one, and it's one of the shittiest looking HDTVs I've seen. It's so washed out, and has some of the most inaccurate color I've seen. I think it's a 42 inch LED. It's a complete POS that they bought despite me telling them to get either a Samsung or LG depending on how much they wanted to spend.
  6. I agree, don't buy the crappy name ones unless you don't care/don't see the difference and are happy to risk less life out of the thing. LG are a good name, equal with Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp in many ways, but it depends on the particular model. Sometimes they really bring out a great model and they are on par of very close to the other big 4. This is the same with all of them, you shouldn't be loyal to any of these brands, it depends on the particular model and how much it's going for. Sometimes one will have better panel technology, or more features, or a nicer interface. This varies between the brands... so it's the models that are more important, as long as you stick within these 5 brands IMO. The deals will obviously vary depending on your locale, I haven't seen an LG deal lately that hasn't been matched or bettered by something else I see as nicer from one of the other brands. Your results in the US and Monsley's in the UK are very likely to be different.
  7. Have a look at Panasonic's top end plasma TVs and you'll see some of the best looking TVs you've seen.

    3 of the top 5 TVs with the best picture quality for 2012 were Panasonic plasmas, including #1 overall. The only one that came close to the best Panasonic was a Sharp LED that cost over twice as much.
  8. "Black levels"...the most overused flat panel TV term EVAR. Makes me think of Spinal Tap every time.
  9. You are suffering from deep fried irony. Vizio panels are primarily sourced from LG. You should not be seeing a drastic difference at the same spec/price points. Vizio's are the best bang for the buck in the US, if you get them from Sams Club (due to return policy because the other components are made by Vizio!).

    But with Monsly's massive budget, he shouldn't look at anything but a Samsung. Sharp Aquos comes in a solid second place.
  10. Saw the 55" Samsung - would be £2100, another £50 for the sound bar with a £200 discount. Could get it wall mounted and installed for another £350. Going to measure the space when I'm back. Sorely tempted.

    Am wondering whether I should wait for new Samsung models in March though - worth waiting or not?
  11. I haven't seen anything so far about March models. With it only being 2-3 months away if you are sure there are some new ones coming out and you can live with your CRT a little while longer then I don't see the harm in waiting.

    You can earn a few pennies in interest on that £2000 between now than then too what with the amazing rates the banks currently offer.
  12. Come march there should be a good discount on the current model you are looking at. I'd also suggest getting a mount with hinges that allows you to move the TV away from the wall when needed. It'll come in handy when you have to connect cables.
  13. The arms dealer is correct. If you can wait you should, and if you don't like the new offerings the current stuff will be heavily discounted. In the USA, TV pricing is at it's best in late January in anticipation of the superbowl.
  14. Hmmm, I'll think about waiting. Going to measure up some card that's the correct size of the TV to see how it would roughly fit in the room tomorrow. Really tempted just to get it but the March thing has me wondering.
  15. I dunno, unless it's a major advance i'd probably get one now.
  16. I'm torn between the recklessness and excitement of getting it now or being more pragmatic. Maybe I'll role a dice tomorrow and decide that way.
  17. I think I'd only wait if OLED TVs were going to be coming out soon. Apparently Samsung and lG have been having issues with them though

    If you are going to wait, It looks like Apple are testing 46 and 55 inch screens at Foxconn, so an Apple TV TV might be available in a year or so.
  18. 46" or 55"? Worried 55 may be a bit large for living room but would rather go for as big as possible. What shall we do?
  19. How far away is your seating from where the tv will be?
  20. About 2 metres roughly, varies slightly depending on seat - was worried may be too big at that distance!