New TV Recommendations

Discussion in 'Technology' started by monsly, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Holy cow, you'll be blinded at that distance!
  2. At 6.5 ft the recommended size would be around 52". I would personally go with the 55" over 46". You can always get used to slightly bigger but not big enough will haunt you into eternity.

    ^i should edit that but i won't
  3. Bought the 55" now - can return it if too big. Get it on 28th. Not sure if we'll have the mother of all buyers remorse.
  4. 55" is very big for 2m viewing distance, but as long as it's not too high, you will probably be able to get used to it. Big TV's too close and too high are the worst I've found, a lot of more traditional TV stands just sit the TV too high for my taste. I have a very low one, probably only half a metre tall and find it much better than friends with big wooden ones closer to 1m tall.

    EDIT: Hmmm... maybe I should reword that :p
  5. You'd hate my TV. It's at 1.5 meters. I thought it would be too high but it does work well where it's at.
  6. If not buyers remorse, the mother of all migraines at the very least :)
  7. It's here and being set up. My wife thought it looked too big when they brought in the box. I had to point out that it was just the stand - chortle!
  8. Fucking hell I hope you are not doing the setup, I doubt you can even work put how to connect it to the power socket from past experience of your technical knowledge.
  10. I've paid for everything to be setup. I've pissed enough money away on this that a little extra didn't hurt.
  11. You flash git, good to see my tax money is being put to good use!
  12. I don't think they understand how the sound system I've purchased with it connects. I'm hiding in the kitchen for now, I don't want to get involved in figuring it out. I didn't pay to help.
  13. You should probably invest on one of those simplified remotes with the big buttons for old people.
  14. Worst RTU I have ever seen. F+++ Will not buy again.
  15. You got a sound system too? Do tell.
  16. I'm sorry, I can't read your dig as my tv has me mesmerised. Seems this speaker system has them foxed. I'm also running out of hdmi leads.
  17. Sounds like poor planing.
  18. What tv did you end up getting?
  19. Only got a basic sound bar system with it as there was a legitimate £200 saving if I got it. Can't get a proper one in here as its a connecting wall and

    RTU: they're still confused. Subwoofer is connected though. No picture now.
  20. Jesus how can this be causing you guys so much trouble? If your taking longer than 10 minutes you should probably think about what you're doing wrong with your life.

    Amazon had two 2m hdmi cables for ₤8 a few weeks ago. Colour coded too