new year, new car

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by khaid, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. ladies and gentlemen,

    i want to announce that i finally put my old car to rest and got myself a new car. my black 97 toyota corolla dx is finally going into retirement. it's actually still in good shape with only 137k miles considering the age of it.

    got me a 2016 red hyundai veloster turbo.

  2. Do they make a men's version?
  3. so girls like hot hatches now? never seen a girl with a hot hatch before
  4. lol could've been a pickup truck, but response would've been the same.

    I've been considering the Hyundai Santa Fe.
  5. haha i honestly wasn't sure. since I live in North Carolina now, the car selection chosen by the population here isn't as diverse. I had to drive 70 miles out to find this one.
  6. Looks nice. It takes guts to step away from a Toyota after having one that long. I assume you'll need premium gas for that turbo.
  7. one of Hyundai's selling point when this car launched was that it could take regular unleaded. I'm not playing that game so I plan on only using premium.
  8. I think Hyundai reliability has caught up to Toyota and Honda. They are pricing their cars in ripoff territory nowadays. Camry and Accords go into the mid-30s. That said at 137k his Corolla is mid-life lol.

    Also, unless it says premium recommended or required it's a waste of money. Turboing a small engine makes it easier to hit the EPA numbers, compared to putting in bigger engines. Premium recommended means you lose horsepower at 87, premium required is usually higher performance vehicles you don't mess with over 20c a gallon.