New Zealand terror attack

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  1. Radical white nationalist and the teachings of Jesus shot up the place on live stream.

    I wonder if this is the first big thing like this in NZ. They are supposed to be one of the safest places on the planet.
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    He basically did a Mozambique Drill on a large scale. Went into the mosque for wounding shots. Went back to his car, got more ammo and a different gun, and went back in for finishing shots to the chest and head. That woman in the street got it the worst of them. He shot her in the head, then ran her over with his car like he was playing GTA. That and the dead kids were definitely the worst parts of the video. I would expect this kind of violence and insanity in America but not NZ. He just killed these people so callously, like it was no big deal and filmed it all to look like he was playing an FPS.
  3. Shouted "subcribe to pewdiepie" as well.
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    Too bad New Zealand no longer has the death penalty. Going to resort prison in a nice country hardly seems like a fair punishment for murdering 49 people.
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  6. This was crazy though. And even more crazy that daily mail readers down vote all the rip comments

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  7. Yeah this is messed up and I predict it will only get worse.
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    The rat people who dwell in the gutters of the internet like 4chan and 8chan think this guy is a hero. I’m worried we may see copycat killers.
  9. NZ news didn't turn him into a celebrity. Hardly anybody knows his name or seen his image. This is 100% the the right move. The terrorist manifestos and beliefs are a symptom. The real disease mass shooters suffer from is fame and trend seeking. They are the crazy violent variation of Instagram models.
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    That may be true when talking about mainstream news and social media, but then there are the shitheads from the sewers of the internet. Kiwi Farms is still hosting the video and is refusing to cooperate with NZ authorities in taking it down. What were the authorities expecting though? It's literally a forum dedicated to cyberbullying.

    Anyway I have really mixed feelings about this kind of censorship. You dont want copycats, but It drives things underground to the dark corners of the internet where they can get even more sinister. Also how far is NZ planning to go with this kind of censorship? Will they start banning footage of other terror attacks? Is sharing images of 9/11 also considered hate speech? Who gets to define what is considered hate speech? This kind of stuff makes me glad I live in America. We have the freedom to say almost anything without our government coming after us.

    I find the response to this attack of censorship and turning over guns very worrying as an American. I think surrendering freedoms is the absolute wrong way to respond to terror.
  11. I'm not talking about censorship. I'm just saying they didn't blast a picture and name on the mainstream news for weeks making him a mini celebrity. If people want to go out of their way it's their business.

    As far as I've read any censorship (of 4Chan/8Chan) has come from an private ISP and not the NZ govt.
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    NZ arrested people who shared the video. Also people who posted "objectionable comments" about the video are being arrested. They face 14 years in prison. Yeah NZ kept things under wraps and didn't make the shooter a celebrity like he clearly wanted when he made the video, but they did it partially through censorship. I’d rather live in a country where I don’t have to worry about being arrested for saying the wrong thing. America gets a lot of things wrong, but our free speech laws are not one of those things.
  13. In a way we do have sensorship. When is the last time you saw boobs on CBS or heard fuck on the radio. Even the fappening slowly disappeared from any website that has paying advertisers.
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    And here comes the gun ban in NZ

    Seeing stuff like this makes me glad the founding fathers designed our government so that it's hard to actually get anything done. It prevents dictatorial changes in the wake of a tragedy. It's really depressing how quickly NZ tossed the right to free speech and the right to defend yourself in the trash in the wake of this thing.
  15. Now she's bending over and licking jihadist boots. What an awful leader. Just because there's a tragedy where a bunch of muslims get killed doesn't suddenly make Islam compatible with secular democracies.

  16. Other then something spiritual and introspective (Buddism) all religion is incompatible with secular democracies. It's just that most practitioners are complacent and lazy. The extremists are crazy as hell but true believers. Whole thing is utter nonsense in 2019, all the information you want at your fingertips but people still default to the magic man prophecy.

  17. Well, when you get down to it, democracy is sort of like a religion. It's not real, it has rituals, rules, and it only works if enough people believe in it. Money, law, justice, brands, government, borders, religion, corporations, social order, fake, fake, fake and fake. One thing that separates man from the animals is to our ability to create imaginary things and then believe in them on a massive scale. It's depressing to think about. I got an imaginary degree, to work for an imaginary employer, to make imaginary money to buy real beer. The beer is real. The company that makes it, ...fake.
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  18. Lol not saying you’re wrong. But these are the deep insights I see on r/LateStageCapitalism. Nothing is real it’s all tools of the capitalist bourgeoisie!!!
  19. Indeed. The argument that nothing is real would seem to favor anarchist, socialist, or far left liberals. After all, the haves and have-nots are decided by a set of rules that no one agreed to. The cast system in India is a perfect example. A long time ago someone decided humanity must be divided into a hierarchy into which every person is born and can never escape. The US doesn't have a cast system but we are also not so different. The greatest determining factor of whether you will be rich or poor is if your parents were rich or poor. I don't have issues with capitalism since there needs to be some sort of order in society, but I find it interesting how it's all made up, sort of like religion, and we will defend it just as vigorously. We might think it's silly if someone believes in a hamburger god but we don't think it's silly to believe in McDonalds.

    ― Terry Pratchett, Hogfather
  20. I think about the made up social order a lot...

    I've observed that the safest and wealthiest areas are usually 5 minutes from the poorest and most murderous. You can walk around safely in one neighborhood 24/7 whereas you wouldn't drive through another in broad daylight.

    It's an interesting observation of human behavior. Of course the poorer neighborhood leads people to turn to crime, but they will rob, kill, and prey on others in their own socio-economic predicament. There are literally rich people within walking distance but it's an anomaly for anything to happen just a few miles away.

    If poor people ever revolted it's game over. It's surreal to think about but I thought about it a lot when looking to buy property. I've concluded a long time ago survival is 99% luck.