Next Xbox coming in 2015

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by CaptainScarlet, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    The picture is ugly and is clear a mockup but is interesting that microsoft has begun planning the next Xbox
  2. That seems about right. That still gives us just over three years for this generation. I think Nintendo are already in the planning stages of their next console too.

    That console looks lame, and it is far too early for any console look yet.
  3. My god, that means 3 more years with the same graphics for us pc gamers.
  4. Such power ,3 cores,xenos .. let's explote the juice of XB360.
  5. I wonder what the graphics of the new xbox is going to be
    like toy story graphics...oppps! PS2 runs this graphics.
    I remember the words of Ken Kutaragy. :D :p :lol: :)

    Hope big horse power