NFS Most Wanted Remake

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    Most Wanted has been my favourite NFS game since 2005 and now it's being remade by those purveryors of racing excellence Criterion Games, the guys behind the very awesome Burnout Paradise and the really quite decent Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. I am looking forward to this for sure. I'm not sure how smart it is to release it a few days before Black Ops 2 hits though, surely gonna take a hit in sales as a result.

    This is Burnout Paradise but with an NFS sticker on it, loving it.
  2. Re: Finally a Need For Speed Most Wanted Sequel! Well, a remake at least

    Yeah, I also really enjoyed NFS: Most Wanted. It was probably my favorite 360 launch game. Really fun souping up cars and running from the cops. I played through it with a black Toyota Supra that was pimped to the max.
  3. Looks pretty good but I can't help thinking I would have preferred them to release another Burnout.
  4. From what I played of Most Wanted it was not that great for me. I did however prefer Underworld and a little bit of Hot Pursuit.