Nokia\'s Lumia Windows Phones

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Any thoughts on these? They look very well made and stylish, but the specs are about a year out of date, and I can practically guarantee that they'll flop as no one has any interest in WP7. I think Nokia will ultimately end up on Android like everyone else, assuming they survive. WP7 is pretty much a dead OS at this point. It has 2% market share and practically no apps.
  2. The phone is OK.. held back by MS. MS really needs to ramp up processor support with WP7 and not to mention 4G support. They have terrible marketing too and it seems like only ATT is really helping them out.. and maybe a little tmobile.
  3. Not only is it terrible, it's practically non-existent. And the few commercials I have seen were crappy. I have no idea how such a wealthy and powerful corporation like Microsoft can have such poor marketing.

    Case in point:

    Your average person wouldn't even know what the hell they're trying to advertise with that.

    iPhone commercials usually focus on what the phone can do, and try to make it seem people and family friendly. Android commercials focus on the specs of the phones and try to make them seem badass or menacing. Windows Phone commercials are just confusing. You don't even know what they're advertising.
  4. I'm waiting to see what they do with winphone 8. Then again maybe MS is just doing this to throw the feds off...
  5. Microsoft seems clueless when it comes to mobile devices, and I think Android has gobbled up any kind of market Windows Phone would have had. I don't have much hope for Windows Phone 8.
  6. They pull little stunts like this for their marketing.

    But stuff like this doesn't help at all. They seriously need to build up their presence and start a huge training campaign with their partners. It doesn't help when the people selling your phones don't even mention your phone to customers.
  7. That seems typical, where no one even knows what the fuck they're advertising. Everyone there just looks indifferent and like they only want the $100.

    Phones are mass market consumer devices. If Joe Sixpack hasn't heard of your phone, it's not going to sell. Joe Sixpack has heard of and probably owns an iPhone or "Droid." Ask him about windows phone and he'll just give you a puzzled look.