Non-Steam Summer Sale 2017

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  1. A big price war starts tomorrow.

    Now is the time that Steam historically has its PC game sale for the summer, but the company is getting some major competition from Microsoft. The Windows-maker is once again having its own discount celebration called "Ultimate Game Sale." Unlike Steam, which only offers PC game deals, Microsoft is also offering Xbox One title discounts too. In fact, you can even go into a retail Microsoft Store to pick up the games.
  2. lol nobody cares about your Xbox sale. Pump that garbage in another man's face.
  3. Sony is also having their mid year sale. Bought me some PS3 games.
  4. Speaking of Xbox, I just became aware that Forza games are on PC now. I had no clue. I just downloaded Forza Motorsport 6 for free from the Windows store. Awesome! I was only keeping my PS4 around for GT Sport, so this kind of negates that reason.

    Is Microsoft's strategy to support Windows and Xbox in sync with each other? If that is the case, I may just sell my PS4, buy an Xbox One controller and stay on my PC exclusively. If Rockstar releases Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, I would have zero need for a console.
  5. it's specifically for their own published titles so don't get too crazy.
  6. I was going to complain about how they never made MechWarrior 5 but it looks like they sold the rights and now Piranha Games is making it. Nice.
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    I just bought Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition for $40 from the Microsoft Store. I've been wanting that game for a long time, so I was happy to see it marked 50% off. I also got Halo Wars Definitive Edition as part of the bundle. They're both XB1/PC too. :cool:

    I'm seeing non-Microsoft titles in the play anywhere list. Including Capcom's RE7 for $35.99.
  8. Nobody here owns an Xbox and nobody cares. Everyone has a PC and uses Steam.
  9. It is for PC. That's what Xbox Play Anywhere means.

  10. I'm too used to Steam to move/share another delivery platform. If it's not sold on Steam, I won't buy or play it.
  11. I've got Steam and I refuse to do Origin -- hence the Xbox. And the Windows Store app is automatically installed by Windows 8 on up. Isn't it? I'm on a Mac right now and can't check.
  12. it's the fact that you have to track your purchases to remember what platform you purchased it on. it gets old pretty quick. I routinely have to pop open steam, origin, Uplay, and whenever I boot up my PC.
  13. I wish everyone would just get on board with Steam. Everything else annoys me.
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  14. I've got a few games in my Amazon digital library as well. That's the worst one.
  15. I always thought that Steam was poorly organized. My favorite games were always filed in the wrong spot and their suggestions are always way off. For example:


    Calling BioShock an Action RPG is stupid. It's a FPS. It could pass as a survival horror. But never as an Action RPG. Call of Duty has more RPG elements than BioShock.

    And what do they call CoD?


    Right! o_O
  16. Newegg has Prey on every platform for $30. Use code AFEMRHRD23
  17. Steam had it for a cheaper price than that back during the their holiday sale and again during the summer sale.
  18. I thought that MS matched Steam's price point. They've been pretty good about that.