November 2018 - The Great Month of Game Announcements /s

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  1. Sooo, it has only been 13 days into the month and we've seen:

    • Blizzard announce Diablo Immortal as a mobile game at their yearly hardcore fanbase event, Blizzcon
    • Square Enix announce that their originally announced upcoming DLC's for FFXV have been cancelled and the game's director quit
    • Bethesda announced that Elder Scrolls 6 is not getting a new graphics engine
    • Ubi announced that they're bringing Rainbow Six Siege to China so they're changing some aesthetics to fit China's guidelines (skull logos, slot machines in maps, etc).. for ALL TERRITORIES, not just China.

    What an epic fail. We still have 17 days left for the month. What does the future hold?!?!?
  2. This whole generation has been kinda weak.

    2004 alone probably had more good games than this entire generation.
  3. lol the Blizzard thing hit front page of Reddit and the stock took a hit ahead of poor earnings. Square has still failed to release FF7 remake that was supposed to be out in 2017.
  4. blizzard has really been out of touch with their players recently. i'm not exactly sure what they thought the response would be announcing a flagship title like that as a mobile game at your main event. when the crowd boo'd them, their kneejerk response was, "DON'T YOU GUYS HAVE PHONES?!?!" holy crap, such bad form.

    as far as square goes, i believe the most recent development response for ff7 was that they'd start development on ff7 once kingdom hearts 3 was done. lollllll
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    I don't know why Blizzard expected that to go over well. The audience for Diablo is people who are pretty serious about gaming. Not bored soccer moms who casually play Candy Crush on their iPhones.

    And that Engine from Oblivion was highly impressive looking in 2006, even still sort of nice looking in 2008 with FO3 and 2011 with Skyrim. But it was looking pretty dated in 2015 with FO4. I can't believe they're going to make another game with it. It's bad enough that they're still using it in FO76. There was a time when Bethesda games really pushed the envelope in terms of graphics. Both Morrowind and Oblivion were state of the art when they launched. I guess they just don't care. Maybe they figure their games will sell well regardless. The worst part is that it's not even a well optimized engine like Source. It's a buggy mess that they've never really fixed 12+ years on.
  6. Isnt Elder Scrolls 6 going to be next generation though? Surely they wont be using a last, last generation engine for it.
  7. Elder Scrolls 6 is waaaaaaay out there still. Their new ip, starfield, is slated to release before it. The core engine will still be the same, but they'll have more refined and new graphics effects in it. The problem is, since the core engine is still super old, there's only so much they can do. Remember how every single game based on that engine was buggy? It'll still be buggy. You can only optimize an old engine so much for modern hardware.

    A good example of this for a current active game is world of warcraft, which is actually based off of warcraft 3's engine which is now rolling on 15 years old. If you look at modern wow now, it looks so much better than when it came out. There's weather effects, water effects,,all sorts of lighting and particle effects.. The grass even moves and separates as you run through it. But, the game still drops below 30fps on me sometimes even though I have an i7 8700k and geforce 1080ti setup. The engine is so old that you need strong single core performance even though the industry has moved to multi-core processors.

    It's going to be almost 10 years since skyrim when elder scrolls 6 releases. That's why a lot of people are kind of disturbed with this announcement.
  8. Starfield seems like it will essentially be an open world Mass Effect. I would really enjoy something like that. The Mass Effect series went off the rails after #2.
  9. The moment US gamers realize that China just became the gaming capital of the world with more consumer power than the US.