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  1. Looks like it's now $404 on Newegg.
  2. Why are they so expensive? I’m guessing shortages and lots of people stuck at home buying gaming/work PCs during covid.
  3. PSUs got hit with a 10% tariff and I guess manufacturing slowed down because of Covid. So a combination of those two things.
  4. Hmm.. dunno if I should forgo the 3090 this time. I wonder if we'll get more than 20% uplift this time..
    3080ti probably on the cards quite soon..

    I think the only option would be to get a hybrid AIO cooled one - Air cooling wont be an option anymore.. I have been using my Noctua NDH15 for a long time.. but I guess its time to dual AIO

  5. AMD is rumored to already be dropping prices in response to Nvidia's low 3070 price. Can Nvidia go further? We shall see. Big Navi supposedly will cost $550 and be slightly slower than a 3080 but also use less power. It should sit right where a 3070 Ti would go which means Nvidia will probably launch a 3070 Ti soon.
  6. Yikes.. 20-30% increase max from a 2080ti to 3080, poor fools selling their 2080tis for $400
  7. I don't think people are going to look back very favorably on the RTX 20 series.
  8. The 20 series was a tiny speed jump with with over-hyped poor performing ray tracing. The 30 series is finally back to the kind of generational performance jumps we saw 6 years ago. So far, the cards look good. My only complaint would be the high power draw. The naming also seems off. The 3090 should be the Titan. The 3080 the 3080ti and maybe 3070 the 3080. There will probably be several 3060 variants to flood the 1080p market. The 3080 seems like a waste for the 80% of people still using 1080p. Cyberpunk is only recommending a 1060 in the system requirements so I don't see that game driving a lot of sales.
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    I could easily see it being mentioned alongside the FX "dustbuster" series or the Radeon 2900XT. It sold poorly too. The 2060 was the only 20 series card that sold in significant numbers. And even it wasn't a big seller.

    Xbox Series S will be the new baseline for multiplatform games going forward. That's only 4 tflops, so about on par with a GTX 970 or 1060. Probably why Cyberpunk lists a 1060. I don't think we're going to see a big bump in PC system requirements with this new generation of games. The 30 series is great, but probably massive overkill for most people.

    I plan to build a whole new system at some point. But I want to wait at least a year or two for the dust to settle from the new consoles and video cards. By then we will know what it takes to run games.

    Also every generation there is a ~$300 or cheaper puncher card that offers high-end performance for a modest price. Radeon 9700 Pro, Geforce 8800 GT or Radeon 4850, GTX 970 or RX 480. Every generation has had one (or several). Would probably be smart to wait for that card. Those cards usually come out 1-2 years after the launch of new consoles. I think part of the reason AMD and NV always put them out is because they don't want to lose people to consoles.
  10. So far the launch has been less than smooth. Inventory shortages and rampant scalping. Even MSI got caught scalping their own cards and are now refunding customers the money they overpaid. The early drivers caused regular crashes in games and the 3070 has been delayed 2 weeks. I think it's going to take a few months for things to settle down.
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    Buying video cards at launch is getting as crazy or crazier than buying consoles at launch.

    Crowds of weirdos camping outside Microcenter for days trying to get RTX 3090 cards:

    Most are probably trying to flip them.

    People sleeping in tents to get video cards because the demand is so high. And you still have console n00bs who think PC gaming is dying. Lol.
  12. Nvidia is supposedly cancelling 3 cards that were scheduled to release in December. A 3070 and 3080 with double the memory and a 3070Ti. I wonder what they have or don't have up their sleeve. They might be realigning to what AMD will launch next month or maybe they don't have enough chips for 3 new products.

  13. Nvidia sold $30 million worth of mining GPUs to one company. That's maybe 60,000 cards? Kind of makes you wonder if Nvidia and AMD are making more from miners than gamers. I don't really follow crypto currency news but my understanding is that mining is no longer profitable for individuals. Seems like it's mostly large companies in Russia and China mining and profiting from investors.

  14. sounding like it's easier to get a ps5 now than an ampere
  15. I’m wondering if that monster cargo ship that’s the same weight as two aircraft carriers being lodged in the Suez is going to worsen the GPU crisis
  16. it's probably gonna cause another toilet paper and Dr pepper shortage too
  17. 3080ti comes out tomorrow and will retail at $1200. That's 8% faster than the 3080 for $500 more. Basically Nvidia decided to skip the middleman scalper and become the middleman.
  18. Those will be bought up by bots the second they go on sale and will be scalped for the price of a used car