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  1. They offered it to me right off the bat (my post was exaggerated a bit). One of my friends got an evga geforce 1070 and he told me they didn't offer to him. Not sure if they offer advanced rma directly to geforce 1080 customers or something, but I just told him to reply and request advanced rma with the fee waived. He tried it and they did it for him.
  2. The 1080 TI FE is coming out next week for $699 and will probably perform similarly to the Titan X ($1200). The 1080 is getting a price drop from $600 to $500.
  3. I finally contacted EVGA and got a standard cross ship on a new 1070. Card arrived today and performs as well as the last. They didn't send me a return shipping label or even any instruction on where to ship the old card. I'm guessing I'll get another email soon.
  4. Nvidia like torturing me... new Titan X(p) !!!
    DAMN YOU!!!!!!!
  5. It's beginning to get confusing. I think I have them in order.

    Titan Black
    Titan Z
    Titan X
    Titan Xp

    Anyway, just wait a few months and they'll probably release a faster GTX 1090 for half the price. Titans are for people that have $1200 burning a hole in their pocket.
  6. titans don't even make sense at their pricepoint. 1080ti release after the titan x should have made you learn your lesson already, og10. if you get a titan xp now, you deserve what's coming to you.
  7. I got myself an Asus 1080 Ti about 2 months ago, was lucky enough to get one around launch time. Right now I'm using it on my simracing PC, which is only used for racing games, and it runs stuff really well. The VR performance specifically has been top notch on it.
  8. Nvidia is supposed to release a 1070 Ti this month. It will probably be about 95% of a 1080 for $425. That will mostly kill the 1080 but provide good competition against the Vega 56.
  9. The 1070Ti splits the performance and price of the 1070 and 1080. It's an odd place for a new card. If the price can stay at $429 it will kill the 1070. If it goes over $450 the 1080 is a better buy. I'm guessing Nvidia just wanted a win in that very small Vega 56 spot before Volta comes out.

    1070 MSRP $349 (cheapest $400)
    1070Ti MSRP $429 (cheapest ?)
    1080 MSRP $499 (cheapest $500)
    Vega 56 MSRP $399 (cheapest $460)

  10. I suspect price gouging will end up making this card pointless.
  11. Nvidia announced the Titan V today. It's only $3000.

  12. So why did it make more sense? I haven't checked prices lately.
  13. I got a 1080 with Destiny 2 for just over $500. The 1080 has consistently better performance than the 1070 Ti for slightly more money. The 1070 Ti is a slower version of the 1080 with gimped memory. The 1080 is a much older card and is therefore frequently found on sale now, often putting the prices way too close. The 1070 Ti has been priced $450 to $470 when I was comparing them. The 1080 on sale with a game for slightly more was a much better deal.
  14. This is getting ridiculous. Newegg has 1070s and 1080s listed for over $1000 now. I saw a 1060 for $960. I could get $700 to $800 for my used 1070 but I'd have nothing else to buy.
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    Kind of thinking of selling my 1070. With the baby, I no longer have time for gaming, other than an occasional round of Counter-Strike, which runs fine on integrated video. Seems like a good time to cash out of gaming.
  16. No one likes a quitter.
  17. consoles gonna kill PC gaming? ha! no one saw cryptocurrency coming.

    this is like the worst time ever in my history of PC building to upgrade. on top of the stupid GPU market right now, ram prices are still stupid ridiculous. ssd prices haven't really moved in the last few years either.
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    No kidding. I just had to buy a 500GB 850 EVO to replace a failed HDD for a family member. The sale price was $140. The normal and sale prices on these drives basically haven't changed in like 3 years.

    I won't be selling my 1070. If I do that I will have nothing to replace this card with for the foreseeable future. Between cryptocurrency mining and PC gaming getting massively popular (brought in about as much revenue as all console gaming combined last year), who knows when prices will come back down. Gaming GPUs are worth their weight in gold at this point.