Nvidia\'s GTX 590

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  1. First, the good news. Looks pretty badass:


    Now the part that has me questioning the card. Something seems quite odd about specs I've ran across regarding the GTX 590:


    At first glace, it looks like they have topped AMDs 6990. But why did they use these resolutions, settings, and games? No AA or AF on some of these? 720p? What's going on with these benchmarks? Who would anyone buy a 590 or 6990 to get 250 fps in Devil May Cry 4? What would be the point of that? I want to see Metro 2033 maxed, high res specs, and 3D. I don't think these specs are very helpful. In fact, I'm wondering if they are intentionally misleading. It doesn't appear to have much of an advantage at the higher end settings, and I would expect people buying this card would want to go much higher than that.
  2. With those clocks I wouldn't expect it to best a 6990 in most scenarios. It may, however, run cooler, and it is certainly not as long.

    It still has to be cheaper if it can't keep up with the 6990 though. With two GF110 chips on one board, I'm not sure how NV can price it competitively. We will know shortly I guess.
  3. Besides money this thread is the reason I don't have a gaming pc. I know NOTHING about the inner workings of pcs. Technical jargon and such jiggery pokery is beyond me. I prefer to buy a game for a console and play rather than worry about things like clocking speed and MHz etc.
  4. I bought a high-end system in 2006, and i never had to worry about Mhz and clock speeds, yet, its still faster then a PS3.
  5. If you had one of these, you wouldn't need to worry much about the specs. They are the highest end video cards on the market. The main figure or number you'd need to worry about was the price. I'm mainly trying to figure out which is the best card on the market, and it looks like it's going to be the 6990 to me, as it's cheaper and probably more powerful.
  6. But the 590 comes in a fancy box...
  7. It should for $700 to $800 USD.

    I was really considering buying this thing, but those benchmark graphs seem very sketchy. I may end up going back to the red team afterall. Just when I thought Nvidia was going to lock things down, AMD appears to have ended up with the most powerful card. I'm looking forward to some real comparison tests.
  8. You don't really need a video card like this. The GTX 590 is an ultra high-end card. It's the video card equivalent of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and it's the sort of thing you would buy if money were no object.

    Even $200-250 will get you an incredibly powerful card like the GTX 460 or GTX 560Ti that's overkill for most games. I have a GTX 460 and can max out most games at 1680x1050. And even the games I can't max, namely Metro 2033 and Crysis are still running on very high settings that leave the consoles in the dust.
  9. Lol even my aging GTX275 plays everything 2560x1600 for me, everything maxed. Save for Metro and Crysis 1, they have to do with 1680x1050, still lot higher then console + the settings are way higher.

    Hell, even an 8800GT/X1900 still serves well if you put down settings and resolutions.
  10. I got by with a 640mb 8800GTS for almost four years. That card still holds up pretty well in all but the most high end games.
  11. My Laptop GPU is approximately a 5770, which is now a midrange card from last gen, yet it still can run most games at maximum settings and at a high resolution (1680x1050).

    Also if you really are worried about the jargon, the stuff we talk about here generally doesn't refer to anything complicated at all. If you need just ask what we mean by something.
  12. Lol, seems you were right, the 6990 have bin put head to head, 6990 wins.

  13. http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-590-sli-review/

    Those things in SLI would be nice to have :D
  14. agree and disagree. you'd actually be better off buying a middle of the road (1500 bucks+) pc if you'd want trouble free gaming for the life of a console. The higher end boutique pc's have too many custom pieces and overclocked techniques to make things trouble free after the warranty wears off.

    But if you can dish out 1.5 grand or so you'll easily get massive gaming euphoria! trouble free?? hardly lol even your typical pc game can suffer from bugs (or it may not work on the latest os, like 1/3 of all steam games...) but I'd give it a good deal at 1500 clams.
  15. What the hell?
  16. your failed attempt of comparing a ps3 to something that costs 4x as much? Computers are NOT strictly for games, buying one for such is just insane.
  17. Its hard to understand your crappy story you told above. It doesnt make sense to say that the highest end system would give more problems then a mid-range one.

    It cost 4 times as much as a PS3, but your games will also look 4 times as much nicer.
  18. What's that supposed to mean? I use my computer for so much aside from gaming, including school and work, that I can easily justify putting $800-1200 into it every four or five years, and a PC that plays games isn't that much more expensive than one that doesn't. A console is much harder to justify. A PC is a tool and a toy, while a console is mostly just a toy.
  19. Even for gaming alone, its much better. Cross platforms tend to be way better on pc. Then you have the mod community aswel, which extends the value of most games.

    Then, you can run even PS2 games and every console before that, even Wii games. And all old pc games are compatible.

    And i cant say ive much trouble with this pc, especially with Windows 7, theres not much to worry about.

    Dont forget the fact aswel you pay much more for console games, at the end of the road, the price difference isnt that much.
  20. On this point I'd have to disagree, especially regarding the Rockstar and GFWL games. They have been a complete pain in the ass to get them to run properly. I've never had a console game that gave me as many technical issues to even get it to run as some of these games. Not even remotely close.

    On the other hand, Valve's PC games seem to always run well for me. I don't think I've had any problems with them at all.

    But overall PC gaming definitely requires more work from the user to make sure things run properly. Most advantages go to PC, especially regarding freedom and technical advantages, but ease of use is typically not one of them.