Nvidia\'s new Kal-el quad-core mobile device chip is fast

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. http://gigaom.com/mobile/nvidia-tegra-3-benchmark-inte/

    In this video you can hear the guy at 1:45 say it's easy to port an Xbox 360 game to a tablet using the Kal-el chip. They have some 360 game on it in the video but I'm not sure what it is.

  2. Wow... did they have a Jor-El chip before this?
  3. Faster then a Core 2 Duo and a 360, maybe in those benches but i dont believe that:p
  4. This was officially unveiled yesterday with the Asus Transformer Prime official unveiling (which I will be getting muhaha). I was really really skeptical that it would launch this year but nvidia really shut me up on that one.


    If you look at the GPU performance chart, the Mali 400 mp4 (gpu in SGS2 with exynos) still lays the smack down in pure numbers. We'll have to see benchmarks to see how the quad core tegra3 holds up, although I have a feeling it'll still get owned.
  5. I shall call and congratulate them.