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    Geeze. The prices just keep creeping higher. $500-$600 is too much for a midrange card. I'll be keeping my 1070 for awhile.

    The new cards are supposed to be able to do ray tracing. But it may be several years before we see that in many games, and by then the cards will be better.
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    I remember discussing ray tracing a long time ago back in the early days of the forum and I wasn't sure we'd ever have hardware that could support it. It looks like the 2080Ti only averages 40fps with tracing on in Tomb Raider at 1080p and I'm sure it's a limited implementation of ray tracing. I really doubt the 2070 will be able to use it at 1440p.


    The fact that they are releasing the 2070, 2080, and 2080Ti on the same day makes me think that this will be a short lived generation.
  3. As far as the pricing, I think now that GPU mining has totally crashed, they are trying to normalize the prices that we were seeing during the 2017-2018 mining craze. People need to vote with their wallets and not buy at these prices. Also hopefully AMD comes out with some powerful midrange stuff to push prices down. Midrange cards should cost $200-400, not $500-600.
  4. Well I misread the performance of the 2070. Nivida only said it would be faster than the 1080Ti in regards to ray tracing. Nividia didn't release any kind of benchmarks or numbers for normal frame rates. Some are thinking these will only have a minor performance increase over Pascal which is why they are really emphasizing the ray tracing features.
  5. The reviews are pretty dismal and here's why. The 2070's performance is within 5% of the 1080 but it cost 10% to 15% more. Likewise the 2080 is getting poor reviews because it's only 5% faster than a 1080 Ti but it cost about 10% more. The only card that's actually faster than last gen is the 2080 Ti and it's $1200.
  6. I’ll be hanging on to my 1070. The pricing on these cards is ridiculous.
  7. There aren't any good upgrades to be had. Nvidias next GPU should be much better.
  8. Even Linus who is basically a salesman says not to buy the RTX cards.

  9. He has a good point in that a used 1080Ti might be the most reasonable upgrade for some people. Ebay has several for about $560.
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    Because of the mining crash, prices have plummeted on the used market. GTX 1070s are $250-300. 8GB RX 580s are $180. Most people building now who are gaming at 1080p or 1440p should just go with one of those. I wouldn't bother with 4K PC gaming at this point. Nothing handles it well, and you will waste a lot of money trying to chase after it. But if you do decide to go that route, I'd probably get a 1080Ti. Between the pricing, marginal performance gain, and lack of ray tracing in many games, I just don't think the RTX cards make any sense.

    Edit: Prices are even pretty cheap on new RX 580s now that the miners aren't hording them. Most of them are $220-240 with three free games.
  11. The ray tracing benchmarks are in and they're pretty horrendous. The 2080Ti takes as much as a 75% performance hit and the $1300 card gets beat by a $200 RX580. The 2070 struggles to maintain 30fps at 1080p. I think it's pretty obvious why Nvidia hyped it at release but never showed the benchmarks.

    Ray tracing looks nice but I'm not sure I'd really notice the difference in the middle of all the action. I certainly wouldn't turn it on and drop a 2070 from 84fps to 21fps.


  12. So basically it's a worthless feature that only makes a marginal difference in image quality and absolutely destroys performance.

    The RTX cards are such a flop.
  13. it's no different than the nvidia gameworks visualfx stuff. no one really turns that stuff on because of the performance hits
  14. That's exactly what I expected. It was being hyped as some major step forward and a huge advantage for Nvidia, but as I thought these cards don't have the horsepower to actually utilize it effectively.

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    Looks mostly the same. Some scenes look slightly better with it on, while others look slightly better with it off. The difference is so subtle and marginal, I doubt anyone would notice it while playing. The only big difference is the huge loss in performance with noticeable stuttering with it on.
  16. And it only gets worse. Right after release there were many reports of 2080Ti's failing but no one knew how wide spread the issue was. Now there are reports of it happening on 2080s and 2070s, reference cards and non-reference cards. Even hardware reviewer cards are dying. The guy at [H]ardOCP had his 1080Ti die and Joker had his 1070 die.

  17. RTX is to Geforce cards what Fallout 76 is to Fallout games. It's some lazy, half-assed greedy overhyped bullshit.
  18. One benefit of the Strix 2080ti is that it is saving me on heating costs :)