Ocean Marketing Meltdown

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  1. Some company selling a terrible controller has some of the worst customer service on the planet. Their customer service consists of one angry roid head. The customer service guy calls the customer an asshole for wanting to know why his controllers are two months late, starts name dropping to make himself seem big and tough, and then threatens to sell the controllers the customer bought on ebay. Except he doesn't realize he's talking to is the guy who runs Penny Arcade and PAX.

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    The guy writing the obnoxious emails shows off the crappy product at PAX. He doesn't really have 125 people working for him. It's a one man PR company consisting of him. Needless to say, he will never be returning to PAX.


    The moral of the story: don't hire a drunken, roided out dudebro with anger problems and a tenuous grasp on the English language to do your PR.

    I love how he backtracks when he realizes who he's talking to and that he just got pwned.

    The controller itself looks pretty awful to begin with. It's like they glued Popsicle sticks to an Xbox controller. What a stupid idea.
  2. Minecraft looks dumb too, but it makes millions
  3. This really did spin out of control. The guy seems like a real twat and his subsequent apologies seem to be based off not realising who he had been a jerk to rather than looking at his own behaviour.
  4. What's up with these 3rd party promoters? Didn't Duke Nukem have a similar problem?
  5. nah the duke is a first party asshat
  6. As I recall, yes. It also had some fly by night promoter that went ballistic on people when they asked where the game was.

    These companies seem to consist of dudebros who never moved beyond the drunken frathouse phase of their lives.