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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to order Skyrim online over the next day or two and was wondering who would be a good choice. I've ordered from Play.co.uk before but that was ages ago. I'm looking for a company that can usually deliver a game a day or two before it comes out. I remember Grim mentioning something about gameplay.co.uk, any suggestions?
  2. Gameplay.co.uk have always been the most reliable at getting games to me on time. If you pay the £1 for first class delivery you normally get the game a day early.

    Play.com have been late on a couple of occasions and so I don't use them anymore.
  3. It's £38.90 on amazon and £44.99 on gameplay (down from £54.99 apparently), no brainer then.
  4. Yeah this game has a £54.99 RRP which is crazy money.

    The only thing I would say about Amazon is that I am not sure what the 'free super saver delivery' is. It may be second class as it says 1-3 days if you look into it a bit so it may not come on launch day if they ship one day before.
  5. Yeah I was confused by the super saver delivery so I just chose first class, it should arrive at least on the day of release. If it arrives at 11am I'll wait 11 minutes so I can start playing it at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11, and the world will implode.

    More like Sonic Spinball or Street Fighter II Turbo money lol.
  6. Was Sonic Spinball really that much? I don't remember but its kind of irrelevant as it came out around the Christmas when my parents won a £1000 shopping spree so it probably didn't matter to them getting it for me.
  7. I remember I used to read S.T.C (Sonic the Comic) and they did game reviews and I remember them showing the price of Sonic Spinball and Street Fighter II Turbo as £54.99 each, I must have only been 7 or 8 at the time.
  8. It was 1993 that it came out (November which is why I got it for christmas). I never really got to play this game much however as my parents became addicted and would take the Mega Drive into the living room! I wasn't even allowed in the room to watch because if they died I would be accused of being a jinx, its about the only game I can think of where my Mum got so good she could beat it pretty easily.

    The high price was more of a factor with cartridges because the memory they used was expensive to produce. The more they needed the more expensive the game usually was, I am sure I remember some N64 games being more than £60. A DVD or blu ray disk is as cheap as dirt so all of the cost in these cases is the developers wanting to make more money!
  9. Sounds like you had a really harsh upbringing mate.
  10. My mother is a pussy cat really. Games change people, you should see me after 10 minutes of dying over and over again on Dark Souls!

  11. Or five seconds of GT5 chat from monsly and me.
  12. Play.co.uk is quite cheap, but I think they hail from Guernsey so mail could be late, although I never had a problem when I used to use them.
  13. You don't know how true that is Grim. I basically become completely consumed by rage once I play any CoD game for longer than 2 minutes.