Osama bin Laden: Dead

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  1. President Obama just announced that Osama bin Laden is dead.

    Good riddance. I hope we get some details about how he was taken out.
  2. i'm gonna miss that paki
  3. Good riddance. He was human garbage and responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people.
  4. This fucker put a lot of people I knew in grave danger. Glad to see he's finally dead.
  5. This is a huge political victory for Obama since he oversaw the special forces operation. I think he just got himself reelected.
  6. Apparently Navy SEALs landed in two helicopters at a mansion about 30 miles outside of Islamabad. Bin Laden used a woman as a human shield, and the SEALs had to shoot through her to take him out. No SEALs were killed.
  7. This is how terrorism is actually fought. Intel and espionage on the ground and special forces strikes. I wanted this to happen since I was in my early 20s when the USS Cole was attacked. If what Obama described about making this a priority since the beginning of his presidency is true, and today would certainly suggest that this has indeed been the case, this is easily the best military move a US president has made in quite some time. His decisions related to big business and banks have sickened me, but the decisions leading up to this have sincerely impressed me. It's good to know someone in charge actually wanted to catch this guy instead of line the pockets of defense contractors and oil executives.
  8. I'm less concerned with the political aspects at the moment, but it will be amusing to see what Faux News tries to do. They are going to be in damage control mode with their cornball candidates. It doesn't seem like there's much they can say. Their whole stance on the military is that the Republicans are the ones who are strong on the military and are supposedly hawks that won't back down until the job is done. Well, good luck using that line of crap right now. Their efforts were a trainwreck and accomplished very little other than making a few executives filthy rich.
  9. Whatever bastard takes Bin Laden's spot on the FBI's Most Wanted list is gonna have some tough shoes to fill!!! How will anyone else come close?
  10. @AKS

    I'm sure Faux News will downplay it. But Obama is pretty much untouchable at this point. In peoples' minds he's now the president who killed Bin Laden and ended the war on terror.

    Which is laughable if you have even a basic knowledge of history. Democrats won both world wars.
  11. This is how I heard it went down.

    Obama was in one of the helicopters and led the assault. Bin Laden opened fire, just a single shot; but Obama caught the bullet between two fingers, spun around like a ballerina, and whipped the bullet back to bin Laden for the kill.
  12. Neocons main talking points revolve around about how the are so great with managing finances and protecting the country. The last time Republicans balanced the budget was around 1957 under Eisenhower (last time the Democrats did was under Clinton for comparison), who the fruitcake Teabaggers would probably call a socialist if he had the same policies now. Their lack of results in wars speaks for itself.
  13. Obama's getting all the credit, but I heard that it was Epic Mountain Man Tim Peeler who flushed him out with his oak stick and a good rough talkin'.


  14. Well, I don't believe for an instant this PR spin that Pakistan helped with the intelligence used to locate and kill Bin Laden.

    I find it incredible to think that the worlds most wanted man was living in an urban area, 30 miles outside of the Pakistani capital in a mansion surrounded by houses in which former pakistani generals were living not 1km from Pakistans elite military acadamy that Pakistan didn't know he was there.
  15. Err....He was a Saudi.

    Secondly, the 'P' word you used there is equivilent to the 'N' word. So yeah, just letting you know...

    Anyway, the job is done and its good news. Let's just hope that there isn't any aftermaths from this news by terrorists.

    Edit: Pakistan are constantly saying on their national news: "Bin Laden killed in accordance to US policy". I reckon that the Pakistani government would rather pin this military action all towards Americans in order to convince the 'Crazies' that live there and say that 'The Pakistani agencies had nothing to do with this'.....Madness...
  16. I believe the CIA and the ISI had a falling out awhile ago over the ISI helping terrorists. That is why we openly conduct operations in Pakistan without their authorization nowadays. It's not like they are going to do anything about it.
  17. The pakistanis probably knew or had a pretty good idea of where he was all along.
  18. Interesting fact. Hitler’s death was also announced on May 1st.
  19. the internet is a crime against offensive sarcasm. sans the offensive part.