Outerra - Rendering the whole planet

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Just readed an interview about Outerra on battle.no, very intresting, its designed for the pc in mind and you need a dual core with a GTX 460 to get it smooth (in the future a 8800GT would do the job too).

    To clarify, its an engine, that will be used for simulation, but they have a game in mind aswell.

    You can read here, its in English

  2. Reminds me of Flight Simulator X. Or more correctly it reminds me of false promises and lies of Flight Simulator X. :mad:
  3. Flight Simulator were a nice series, used to 'play' them alot. Maybe we will see FS back with this engine, would be cool.