Password Managers

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, May 23, 2015.

  1. Anyone use password managers? I never liked the idea and thought they were stupid but now I'm seeing people say it's stupid not to have one. I'm talking about services like 1Password, Lastpass, Keepass...
  2. I don't really trust most apps or the android OS. So no. I have 3 passwords
    1. generic don't give a fuck accounts
    2. Stronger password for inconvenient but I'll live account
    3. Super long pass phrase for alarms, banking, etc...
  3. That's pretty much what I do. I'm struggling to see how a password manager would make my life any better.
  4. I have a similar system as you guys. What's the advantage of a password manager? I really don't know how try work.
  5. Well I think one advantage is that all your devices can share a single password file. So lets say you put the passwords for 20 different websites into the system. That encrypted password file then goes to dropbox or some private cloud service. When you open the manager on other devices like phone, tablet, work PC, they access the file and get all the latest passwords. Depending on the product the passwords can be auto-pasted into the websites when you visit them. In theory you can use more complicated passwords because you wont have to memorize them anymore.
  6. I don't need password managers when I can remember the new emergency services number.

  7. Damn you for making me check you got it right.
  8. He got it right, its one of those things that has always stuck in my head. Should have added some .... Before the 3 though.
  9. You liars. I watch enough unarmed cop shows from the UK to know you should dial 999 !
  10. That's the emergency emergency number. The one I posted is for emergencies.
  11. Kids are taught it in schools now with American style informative videos.