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    Terry Crews, manliest of the manly men, tells us about his new gaming PC build, which includes a GTX 1080 and a 2TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

    He should name his new PC "Bearglove"

    Holy crap is that an expensive SSD. I guess that's what you buy when you have movie star money.

  2. also included is an acer predator monitor and htc vive in his build
  3. It's possible the future of PC gaming may be at risk because of the limitation of the CPU. The 1080 is already getting a slight bottle neck on a Skylake i7 6700k at 1440p. In Sli the 6700 bottleneck is very noticeable and the next Titan and 1080Ti will be even worse. Intel doesn't have a faster chip so unless DX12 really breaks the dependency on the CPU we might see dedicated hardware like a PS6 take the lead for gaming platforms in a few generations.
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    I think the idea that Intel and AMD will never produce anything faster than a Skylake i7 is silly. CPU development has slowed, but I don't think it's just going to completely stand still forever. And if Intel gives up on pushing CPU development forward, that just gives AMD a chance to catch up and maybe beat intel at some point.
  5. terry got his system up

    quick summary. dude is already talking about getting another geforce 1080 to sli and another monitor to dual display it up. that's another $1850 at least.
  6. Yeah that monitor alone is $1200 as it's an IPS ultrawide g-sync monitor. There's really nothing better available for gaming at the moment. He went all out with his build.
  7. Wait. Uncharted 4 is coming to PC?
  8. yea I just pulled the gun on one yesterday. I've been eyeing it the last few months when I noticed the Acer recertified store selling them for $700 off and on. but then I read some horror stories of acer using horrible packaging when shipping them out and they only have a 90 day warranty.
  9. You poor Americans and your corporations first, customers second philosophy.
  10. yea it's pretty shitty. a lot of people here accept that it's the risk you take when you get a refurbished item.
  11. So whats with the recent upgrade from your old peasant system? You were running some pretty low end stuff for years. Did the Division push you over the edge?
  12. kinda. in the past few years, I wasn't playing any demanding games. I updated my old core i5 Lynnfield to a core i5 4670k only because my mobo was from that Lynnfield era so it was missing a bunch of stuff I wanted.. mainly a ton a USB 3.0 ports and faster sata. I upgraded to a geforce 770 around the same time because I grabbed a 1440p monitor a few months prior to that. then we all know how 2gb of vram played out. I started playing rainbow 6 siege and the division earlier in the year so I decided to go nuts with the geforce 980ti then geforce 1080. since I was going high end at this point, why not get a gaming monitor right?
  13. Right. I'm always amazed at people who buy a $500+ high end card and then use a $100 1080p 60htz monitor.
  14. I've always thought a good rule of thumb was that the monitor and video card should be pretty close in price. Buy a $500 video card, then you should buy a $500 1440p monitor. Buy a mainstream $200 card, then stick to a mainstream $100-200 1080p monitor.